1. Janknitz
    When I took my kids to the pediatric dentist when they were younger, there invariably was a kid that the dentist was examining with 8, 10, or 11 cavities. He often worked with these kids for free because our state MediCal (Medicaid) system did not cover dental care at all for a long time and now provides only limited coverage.

    In the big, open exam room it was hard to ignore him explaining to the mother that her child needed to be admitted to the hospital and have general anesthesia to extract these teeth. We are talking about little children, 4, 5, 6 years old whose rotted teeth were causing other health issues.

    I used to think it was because our county does not fluoridate the water, but as I gained more awareness of the dangers of sugar and carbs I began to see that in the poorer neighborhoods of our county and city there are street vendors everywhere selling sweetened popcorn, Popsicles during the summer, and other treats. Every small child I encounter in a store, at the mall, or at a park is clutching a soda and some form of candy. Even little tiny children in strollers are hugging extra big cups of soda! (I see this in more upscale neighborhoods, too, where juice replaces the soda and sweetened cereal or crackers which are supposedly healthy because they contain whole grain or fruit tummies replace the candy and soda of poorer neighborhoods, it's just that these kids get more regular dental care , fluoride treatments and dental sealants, before such terrible problems develop).
    Now charities in my town have funded an entire hospital clinic where kids without dental insurance can be seen, so I don't observe this going on in my kid's dental office anymore. Through articles in the paper I read about the clinic's efforts to teach kids basic hygiene in the schools in these lower socio-economic districts (at that point much damage has already been done), but nobody tackles the root cause. There is usually ONE sentence in education campaigns about dental health--"avoid sugary foods". Almost nobody does so, and kids without regular dental care are particularly vulnerable.

    I get that parents want to please and treat their kids and sugary treats are an inexpensive way to do it. Until there's greater public awareness of how serious this health threat is, kids like those my dentist treated will continue to have terrible dental and health outcomes. I applaud Jamie Oliver's dedication to this cause.

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  2. SJ
    "Go Jamie"…?! The morbidly obese twat who has a string of pasta restaurants…?! The morbidly obese twat who's the NHS's healthy eating ambassador…?! The morbidly obese twat who recently fronted a Kellogg's "Give Every Child A Breakfast" campaign…?! The morbidly obese twat who recently promoted Friends of The Earth's Meat Free May campaign and has been known to promote veganism as a healthy lifestyle…?!

    You're losing it, Andy. If you believe Jowly Jamie is a good ambassador for healthy eating then I suggest you shut down this site immediately.

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  3. Jo tB
    I read some of the comments under the Sunday Express article and they don't mince words degrading Jamie Oliver. How discusting can you get. I appload him for putting his head on the block. So he is not as slim as he could be. Neither am I (72 year old lady)!!!! We're not all perfect.

    I can remember as a child getting 3 pennies to spend on sweets twice a week. We could chose any 5 sweets from the jars on the counter. We thought we were rich. These days there over 27 SQUARE meters of sweets in my local supermarket. And kids are not satisfied if they don't get a BAG of sweets!!

    So what are WE doing to curb the excessive use of candy and sweet drinks in children?? I refuse to have it in the house, and if anyone wants something sweet, they can get an apple.

  4. Wendy
    They made fun of Jamie Oliver on the tv show South Park once about how emotional he is and how he's apparently going to save everyone's fat children. It was funny! They made fun of a lot of famous chefs though. Not just him.
  5. Lori Miller
    I'm related to two women who are sisters. They were sugar fiends as kids--cookies for breakfast, sugar on sugary cereal, etc. And they were snot-nosed and sick every time I saw them. One was obese the last time I saw her; the other is obese, diabetic and has a mouthful of rotten teeth. She once tried to tell me she lives on nothing but salad.
  6. Gabriele
    SJ - are you educated enough to know that the word "twat" is offensive and vulgar? You sound like a complete idiot. Also, Jamie is not "morbidly obese". Please buy yourself a dictionary.

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