The US dietary guidelines expert committee said to be “completely dissociated” from the top-level scientific community

Professor Arne Astrup

Professor Arne Astrup

The harsh critique of the low-fat US dietary guidelines continues. Are they the result of an expert committee “completely dissociated from the top level scientific community”? That’s what one of the world’s top nutrition professors and researchers now says.

CardioBrief: Second Opinion on BMJ Dietary Guideline Takedown

Here are the quotes from Professor Arne Astrup:

…the committee seems to be completely dissociated from the top level scientific community, and unaware of the most updated evidence. There are now several new meta-analyses of both observational studies and also of randomized controlled trials clearly showing that there is no benefit of reducing saturated fat in the diet. All analyses and research can be criticized, but these meta-analyses have been published in leading scientific journals typically after critical reviews by three to five independent scientists (including a statistician), and by expert editors, so they cannot and should not be dismissed so easily.”

Equally important, wrote Astrup, is “that the scientific studies that were the basis for the ‘cut down on saturated fat’ recommendations have been re-evaluated, and it is quite clear that today we would have concluded that there is no robust evidence to substantiate the advice.”

“The same,” he continued, “applies to the importance of carbohydrate amount and source. Reducing total carbs or selecting the low glycemic index carbohydrates are well documented tools to produce weight loss and treat type 2 diabetes, and there is quite good evidence for efficacy and safety.”


It’s quite clear there are big changes coming to the field of nutrition, and the old & moldy fear of fat is dying. Only question now is how long it’s going to take. Will the stalwart defenders of this failed idea make it to their retirement, or not, before it’s “game over” for them?


The British Medical Journal Slams Unscientific and Biased Low-Fat Dietary Guidelines!


  1. Anne Marie
    "Old and moldy fear of fat". Well said! Glad to see change is a comin'!
  2. palo
    It's clear to all that this committee's perfidious attitude is because they are in the pocket of big food, big pharma, big agriculture, the american medical association, the american dietician association, the usda and any other entity profiting from the status quo.
  3. Charmaine
    As Professor Noakes says it will take 30 more years until LCHF is recognized! And unfortunately as a Veteran when I see the VA RD I am forced to listen to the dogma that carbs are good for me, and fats, especially saturated, will cause me heart disease and cholesterol problems.

    I hear this not only from the government employee RD, but also my Urologist AND my Nephrologist..all promote the LOW FAT diet with lots of "heart healthy" carbs. So in order to save myself (and my Stage 4 CKD kidney) I must remain "non-compliant" with my LCHF diet. Consuming 50 grams carbs per meal, following their "myHealthyPlate" has NEVER worked for me, despite strict adherence, 16 months of that diet resulted in a weak ~8 lbs loss! But on the same calories and <30 grs carbs a day, with 110 gr fat I dropped 30 pounds in 5 months almost easily.

  4. Apicius
    What do you mean by "expert" committee. Expert in what?
  5. chris c
    I ate an Ornish style high carb low fat grain-based vegan diet for a while over 40 years ago and had my first gallstone. I dutifully continued eating low fat and "basing every meal on hearthealthywholegrains" and substituting arterycloggingsaturatedfat with "heart healthy" Omega 6 seed oils laced with trans fats and continued to have lousy lipids and my gallbladder filled with gravel removed. I'd heard a number of similar anecdotal stories but only when I read your post about gallstones did I realise just how commonplace they are on low fat diets. Yet I'll bet EVERY sufferer has them blamed on "too much fat".
    The dietician put me on an even lower fat diet and my lipids got WORSE. I was accused of "failing to comply" with the diet when actually the diet was failing to comply with ME - and with at best a large minority and at worst the majority of the population.
    Even some of our fat doctors and nurses probably accuse themselves of "failing to comply" with their own diet . . . and of course the likes of Dr Eenfeldt are just "cranks on the internet", along with Ron Krauss, Gerald Reaven, Eric Westman, Jeff Volek, Stephen Phinney and everyone else who is disregarded as part of what is laughably called "evidence based medicine"

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