Irish children will eat 460 tonnes of sugar this Easter

Easter egg with pink background

Irish children will eat 5 million Easter eggs or the equivalent of an astounding 460 tonnes of sugar this Easter. This is what a survey conducted by the Irish Heart Foundation finds.

The health-corrosive effects of this massive amount cannot be understated, and the foundation is running a campaign to stop marketing junk food to children.

Just one medium-sized Easter egg contains 23 teaspoons of sugar, which is almost four times a child’s recommended daily intake…

All this is happening in the midst of a child obesity crisis where children as young as eight are presenting with high blood pressure and young people are showing early signs of heart disease once only seen in middle-aged men.

Irish Times: Children will eat 5m eggs (that’s 460 tonnes of sugar) this Easter



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  1. Caroline
    And Dexcom UK & Ireland recently had a promo on their page asking for selfies from people with diabetes and their chocolate eggs, promising a donation to an organization benefitting children in developing companies. After an outcry from many PWD in many countries suggesting many non-candy ways to celebrate Easter, DUK&I took down the post. They put up a new promotion today asking for new selfies from people celebrating Easter in many ways. Many chocolate eggs still being featured.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Caroline
    Diabetogenic (UK group for T1 kids) totally misses the point, and says outrage at the sugar implications are a matter of privilege..... Good grief!!

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