What to do instead of counting calories

What to do instead of counting calories
Why is counting calories useless? And what should one do instead to lose weight?

Jason Fung explains it in a simple way in this interview from the Low Carb Vail conference 2016.

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What To Do Instead of Counting Calories – Dr. Jason Fung

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Here’s what our members have been saying about the interview:

Dr Fung explains things so clearly for the lay person. Excellent interview.
– Barbara

Another excellent inspiring interview with Dr Jason Fung, a great mind helping the less aware to understand and see what, why and how. All his videos well worth a watch, highly recommend.
– Roderick

Fantastic info explained in layman’s terms as always. Thankyou.
– David

I really enjoy Dr. Fungs videos. He explains it so well. excellent! thank you.

LOVE Dr. Fung! #ThatIsAll
– Jennifer

What To Do Instead of Counting Calories – Dr. Jason Fung

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Dr. Fung has his own blog (highly recommended) at intensivedietarymanagement.com

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  1. Dianne
    Hi, I am diabetic type 2 . I want to know if I fast for 4 weeks on lighter life shakes and then use the shakes 3 days a week and cut out Carbs will I lose weight and then be able to come of my medication ?.

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