“I’m going LCHF for life and not looking back”


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Here are new amazing stories from the people who’ve taken the challenge:


I have to say, this worked even better than I could have imagined. I lost 9 pounds (4 kg) in the two weeks, to total 22 pounds (10 kg) so far. Since I was a kid I have suffered from a gluten intolerance, and as a result, I deal with daily digestive issues. Those have all gone away. No more gassiness, stomach bloating, and other issues. I eat three times a day, I never feel like snacking, and I find it very easy to maintain. I’m thinking I can do this as a permanent change in my life.

So far my wife and I have enjoyed all of the recipes. With the exception of the cooked spinach with the chili salmon. Next time we will eat it with raw spinach. She has lost 8-10 pounds (4-5 kg) in two weeks as well. We cook our meals together, and this has become something more for us to bond over.

We are signing up for the 1 month free trial, and will continue the program. I’ll email you back in the future for an update.

Thank you so much for this free two-week challenge. So far, it’s changing my life for the better.


This challenge has been amazing. After two weeks I feel so much better, have been eating delicious meals and no problems with hunger. I also only dealt with a headache the third day but no other side effects. I was so surprised how easy it was and I did not crave carbs. I love pasta, but I have not missed it.

Thank you for this challenge!

Good afternoon,

I had some great results switching to LCHF this month. I’ve been going to the gym everyday since the beginning of the year, using the elliptical 5x/week plus resistance in the afternoon. I had ½ to 1 pound (200 – 500 g) loss per month in January and about the same in February.

In March, I switched to LCHF and have literally melted away 6 pounds (3 kg) doing the same workout I’ve done since the beginning of the year. March has been a real eye-opener regarding the importance of diet. I just received a huge compliment from the gym owner, who is one of half a dozen people who have complimented me about my weight loss in the last week.

Thank you for the resources you provide and willingness to help those of us seeking dietary advice. I’m going LCHF for life and not looking back. It’s doable, sustainable, and most importantly, enjoyable!

God bless,

I’ve just completed the 2-week trial. I “had” type 2 diabetes. I took 2 metformin a day. I’ve always been health conscious but once diagnosed a few years ago cut down carbs and sugar while increasing exercise.

My doctor was impressed with the improvement in blood-sugar readings. However, this LCHF diet has tipped the scales in my favour. Per Dr. Jason Fung I also started fasting from supper time until lunch next day so stopped morning meds. I tested one day without meds at night and found the reading at normal level 2 hours after a LCHF meal. Am off meds completely now and have scheduled a doctor’s appointment to have blood work done and tell him my news.

I didn’t have weight to lose being within the optimal BWM for my height but I’ve trimmed up losing a couple of pounds. My husband has been eating same diet in the past week (originally he was adding potatoes or bread) and he’s lost a few pounds already and doesn’t feel he’s missing anything.

Thanks to Diet Doctor I feel I can stay med free from now on. Recipes have been delicious and we’ve only tried a few so looking forward to some new ones as well. This has been a life saving discovery… Literally!



I’m a professional dieter. I was overweight as a child and I’ve used exercise, dieting and fasting to control my weight while I battled the emotional eating habits.

I really, really like the updated low-carb diet… I did Atkins years ago but there wasn’t the Internet back then and there weren’t many recipes or support.

Your movies are great! Very empowering! Thanks for explaining why I felt so weak doing my workouts the first two weeks! I feel much better now… and I’m lifting more weight and swimming faster! I love it!

I have so much hope now that I can make this a lifestyle… might even get below 180 lbs (82 kg) (haven’t been that weight since I was 28!)

Keep up the good work!


I can’t believe how well this worked. I lost 12 pounds (5 kg) during the challenge and am going to keep going. Honestly, this was a big change for me and how I think about food. I’ve always avoided butter and fatty meats but this works, no exercise required or calorie counting. The biggest and most amazing thing is that I don’t think about food all day. I don’t get the 10 AM and 2 PM cravings for snacks.

The only thing I’d love to see is maybe an app for tracking carbs and meals. I’d love to see my progress on this journey in one convenient place.

I love the website and the articles are very interesting and inspiring. I feel like I’ve stepped off the diet yoyo train and really found an easy lifestyle that will work long term.

Thanks and best regards,

I have enjoyed the diet and lost 10 lbs (5 kg) in the 2-week challenge and my doctor took me off of 2 diabetes medications! I am very happy and decided to continue on with additional challenge weeks!


The 2-week low carb challenge met my expectations. I had been researching new ways to lose weight. And, from past experience, I did not want to feel hungry, and I did not want to count calories – such a time suck! I hoped there were new weight-loss theories.

I stumbled on Diet Doctor after hearing a family member skeptically mention the word “ketogenic” in an unrelated conversation. The term was unfamiliar to me. So, I decided to find out what ketogenic meant. Then, I read some scientific literature hoping that these studies would either support or refute my desire to try a ketogenic diet on my own. The science seemed at least to show that I wouldn’t be permanently harmed from giving keto a try, and in fact, that keto might have healthful benefits.

So, I embarked on the 2-week Challenge coinciding with the season of Lent, using the challenge as a catalyst for a 40-day self-imposed experiment. I plan to try a LCHF diet for 40 days to see what changes occur in my body. The meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists make this experiment easy.

From March 8-27, 2017, I’ve lost 8 pounds (4 kg) and rarely feel hungry. I have as much energy or more than I usually do. I’m still in disbelief at the high amount of fat this diet recommends. But, if I continue to achieve weight loss goals after 40 days, I will begin to share my secret experiment with my husband and other family members.



My husband and I really liked the low-carb challenge and whilst we didn’t follow your meal plan strictly we still lost weight and felt much better. My only criticism is the breakfast and lunch options are not varied enough. We mostly fasted 16 hours each day during the week and found it easy to do. We plan to continue to cut out sugar and eat low carb!

I have been happy to let many know about Diet Doctor!


Loved the food, recipes and the site is packed full of information. It makes sense and even though I don’t feel much different I’ve lost 4 kg (9 lbs) and 4 cm (2 inches) in 4 weeks. Hoping the trend continues! Still learning to be unafraid of fat but what you say does work. No cravings and I go 18 hours easily without food.

Thanks so much,

I am so glad there’s an alternative approach to reversing type 2 diabetes. I’ve been on diabetes medication for over 10 years. When my endocrinologist told me I’d have to increase my statin drug and add an additional diabetes medication, I decided to try LCHF instead. It took only one day for my blood sugar to test consistently below 100 after supper. Amazing! LCHF also had significant affects on my blood pressure which had been approaching hypertension. It took 6 days for my blood pressure to be consistently around 120/80 or even below. Amazing!

Now for the negatives. I followed the menu plan exactly for week 1 but had a very difficult time eating so much fat. After years of eating a low-fat diet, eating a lot of fat gave me terrible stomach aches and nausea. I started even feeling nauseous thinking about food. But I stuck with it cutting my portion size down a bit. I lost 4.5 pounds (2 kg) the first week.

In the second week with smaller portions and a few attempts at intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast), my stomach felt a lot better, but I found myself craving snacks. I tried drinking broth with a spoonful of coconut oil, but that made me feel nauseated. So the amount of fat is still an issue for me that I struggle with. At the end of the second week I lost an additional 0.5 pounds (200 g) despite cutting my portions down and reducing my overall calories. My blood pressure and blood sugar continued to be spectacular.

I will definitely continue LCHF and have an appointment with Dr. Gerber the Denver Diet Doctor this week. I’m hoping I can reduce or even stop my diabetes medication saving me $187 a month! I’m confident that I just need to find recipes that have high fat but don’t feel greasy to me. Onward and upward.


FYI, I just finished the 2-week keto challenge. I sit all day for work and do very little exercise, as my free time is mostly spent writing. In fact, I haven’t seen the inside of a gym since I started the diet.

Began: 187.8 lbs (85 kg), 38″ (97 cm)

Ended: 177 lbs (80 kg), 36″ (91 cm)

And, I have to admit I ate some ice cream two nights ago. Not a lot.

I also attached before and after pics. Please don’t use my face but you can use them if you want.

Thanks so much for the great recipes and daily encouragement. This is the best SUSTAINABLE lifestyle diet I’ve ever tried. I have forwarded your recipes and site to dozens of people and plan on using it regularly myself.


Good day Sir,

Trust you are doing well, I am really inspired to find out how selfless you are to this noble cause, I started my keto diet 2 months back, I am diabetic and hypertensive, lost 6 kg (13 lbs) (was 98 kg – 216 lbs at the start) my blood sugar and blood pressure levels has been normal for more than a month now, I have stopped taking medicine as I am not sure for what should I take these meds if the levels are normal. I am planning to visit endocrinologist soon but I am afraid, my fear is that the doctor may guide me into different direction on eating habits and put me on meds again, I am in love with my way of living right now and don’t want to change anything about it.

Thanks for inspiration.


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