Icelandic drink


This Polar Beer might be less dangerous than that big animal! But it’s not necessarily harmless for your weight or health.

If you want to keep your carbs way down you should probably find a lower carb alcoholic drink. Do you drink beer?


  1. Henrik
    Not anymore but I gotta say I miss it. Would love to have a sensible alternative.
  2. Hugaldo
    I like beer, strong beer, but i have being feeling too tired and sick after a night of drinking it, even if i just take one or two of them. I think i have developed some kind of alergia. Its less often when i drink light beer, but is not the same. :)

    Greetings from México.

  3. Susan
    Yes, the low carb beer when the temperature rises :-)
  4. pjeffery
    i live the low carb life style, but, on the weekends i get a couple of beers at the local sports bar. just a couple.
  5. Anja
    Koff Lite is rather sensible, I don't drink it often, but save it for beer cravings :D 2 large ones is my limit and it has had no negative effect on my weight :) Overall I treat beer like a treat, the less you drink it the more you appreciate it :P
  6. JAUS
    I don't drink alcohol, I don't see a point with it. Water is fine with me either filtered tap water or flavored mineralwater.

    There is also a squash drink here in Sweden that is sweetened with stevia instead of sugar, but stevia isn't a good sweetener, in my opinion, since it raises your insulin and drops your bloodsugar below normal and gives you cravings. I rather make lemonade or limade sweetened with erythriol instead and the secret ingredient vanilla powder.

  7. I am philosophically opposed to beer. As a drink, it is disgusting. The only reason to drink it would be for the psychotropic effect - which I am not interested in. Being aware of my thoughts and actions is important to me.
  8. John Myers
    No beer - just wine.
  9. Ondřej
    Well, I am Czech and our beer is great! Still, I try to avoid's more of a social pressure to drink it when everyone does...and the "sensible" alternative is coke, ice tea, fanta...:-)
  10. Wayne
    Jack Daniels with a splash of diet coke doesn't seem to bother my blood sugar readings
  11. Still Drink Beer. It's just no longer one of my basic food groups! Treat like sweets - every once in awhile.
  12. Peggy
    Guinness - bread in a glass!
  13. Marcy
    No beer, one shot of vodka per week for me. Wonder how bad that is carb-wise?
  14. greg
    Every few weeks I'll have a beer. That's the last unnaturally occurring high carb "habit" I have to kick. Slowly, but surely!
  15. Suzie
    Is there anywhere on the internetz that has a comparison chart of the carbs in beers and other types of drinks containing alcohol?
  16. I've gone from beer being my session drink, to just enjoying the occasional awesome weird craft brew. It was tough, but now I'm on the gin and dry wine.
  17. Josh
    Suzie - yes, there are several. Just Google "low carb beer". One is here I drink usually only Michelob Ultra, you can have several an hour and still be good! There are a lot of great wines though that are naturally low-carbohydrate.

    I used to be big on Guinness, craft brews and the like. I do miss them somewhat.

  18. Garth
    Sorry, but beer is now my only real vice. I only drink on a Saturday going to the football and have a few after the football in the house. I would probably have about 10 pints over the day. But I do drink Coors light, which has 5gms I think. I can hear the gasps already :-)
  19. Try drinking tequila shots with lemon and salt. The effect is less harmfull and you still have the "sensation" of being drunk.

    That way you drink a more pure alcoholic drink with less added sugars. And it's a lot of fun :)

    --> But don't mix it!!!

  20. Wine is usually what I drink or a gin and sugar free tonic. I used to like cider quite a bit, but that is basically apple juice and now far too carby for me. However a nice glass of wine once or twice a month is something to be enjoyed. It doesn't affect my weight and I have no cravings after drinking it either.
  21. Bee
    Happily for me, I have never liked beer (and I don't like hockey- what kind of Canadian am I?!). I used to drink champagne cocktails, but no longer as there's a sugar cube in each one. But I still indulge in prosecco on occasion. And I do love a vodka martini, mmm!
  22. I drink beer on occasion, but less and less. These days I've switched more to dry wine, rum and scotch.

    I must say, liquor is a lot easier to carry on camping trips than cases of beer!

  23. PJ
    I will certainly have a good India Pale Ale on the weekends. If I'm at a bbq and having a good time, I'm certainly not going to stress myself about the carbs in a couple beers. Unless you have a specific issue with beer (aside from the carbs) it can be very good for you. Since grain alcohol has no carbs at all, I like to have a couple "on the rocks" occassionally. Red wine with dinner occassionally. Not a big drinker in general.
  24. mezzo
    Very rarely. Beer, any kind of beer makes me feel bloated - it is an almost instant effect. I like the taste of it but not the feeling I get, when I drink it, so I stay away. Dry white or rose wine for me, please.
  25. Alexandra M
    My new summer drink, Southside Fizz: In a tall glass, muddle fresh mint leaves with Splenda (or sweetener of your choice - not too much), add a tablespoon of lime juice, ice, 2 oz gin (Hendricks is my favorite), top up with club soda or seltzer. Garnish with more mint.

    Boy, do I miss Guinness! I do have the occasional Rolling Rock Light if I've been working in the garden all day.

  26. Wayne
    Beer is my BIGGEST CARB! Love the taste smell and feel of some cold LITE or some good craft beer but also suffer from GOUT every couple months. GOUT is proof that the Devil is alive and thriving on earth let me tell you! Pain beyond belief! Going to be giving up the beer for the meat and protein to loose the fat! I did my own version of this LC diet years ago and lost 55 pounds in 7 weeks! People where shocked and my Dr. even asked "What did you do your blood work changed dramatically?" I have to say that I love beer toooooo much! Way To Much! This ones going to hurt! My problem without it and I'm a 6-10 beer after work guy is suffering from the extreme hunger now eating the LC's because I'm not overeating the FAT. I can eat 6 hamburger patties cheese onion lettuce NO BUN and still be hungry :( But I'm trying !!!

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