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I have been LCHF and/or paleo for around the last two years. Not following it strictly but making some of the bigger changes, removing grains, gluten, processed foods, sugar and so on. I felt much better, IBS went away, headaches decreased, aches and pains lessened. The one thing I didn’t see was weight loss.

Then I fell off the wagon so to speak and gained even more weight. So after a doctor’s visit where I discovered my blood pressure was elevated I realised I had to do something. I have friends who have had remarkable success with bariatric surgery but I really did not want to take that path.

So I started tracking my food in an app and I realised my carb intake was still very high. That led me on an internet search which THANKFULLY led me to your two-week keto challenge.

I have paleo and LCHF cook books and weekly plans and the food is great but it is very “chefy”. It takes a long time to prep and clean up. We are a big and busy family and that was always an off putting thing that made it hard to stick to.

So when I looked at your menu plans I was like “YES we can absolutely do this” and we have. My husband and I have both lost 4 kg (9 lbs). The food is amazing, even the kids love it. The other bonus is the all the videos, presentations and information.

I am someone who has done every “diet” under the sun and had limited temporary success. This time though I have a good feeling that the changes will stick because it is easy, tasty and I feel full.


I found the low-carb challenge to be well set out clear and full of information. The recipes were tasty filling and an eye opener with regard to how versatile low carb dishes can be. I have lost 4.6 kg (10 lbs) in the two weeks of the challenge and I am hugely impressed with the lack of hunger I have experienced. It works, it’s easy and now I am seriously considering in investing in the complete package.

Thank you for your 2-week challenge it has certainly worked and given me something to think about.

I thought the challenge was great, the food was absolutely amazing. The only problem is that I lost 6 pounds (3 kg) the first week, only water I’m assuming and not an ounce after that.

My main goal is to lose weight and wanted to find a diet that I could stick to. I don’t think I’ll have any problems sticking with this but I’m a 45-year old woman with 30-40 pounds (14-18 kg) to lose. I’m wondering if the dairy-free option might be better? Any advice would help on my journey.

I did as you said, I ate when I was hungry which is usually not until lunch, don’t eat breakfast often, I didn’t count calories, just ate until I was full. I don’t really want to start counting macros and entering anything into an app, I find those extremely cumbersome and annoying. Is there any way I can do this without having to do that or is that what’s going to help me reach my goals? Thanks you for the help.


I did enjoy and appreciate the recipes that you provided. I was unable to try the second week due to not being home but am looking forward to trying them soon. The main problem that I have with these recipes is that some of the ingredients like chili paste and celery root are unavailable where I live. It would be nice if substitutions were offered in place of the more unusual ingredients.

Another problem is that with a busy schedule it is very difficult to find the time to cook. It ususally takes me about an hour and half to make the meals and when you do not get home until 7 pm you don’t have that kind of time. I skipped a few meals because I just couldn’t cook and didn’t want to eat that late in the evening.

That being said I did lose about 10 pounds (5 kg) which was great news and totally unexpected. The sugar cravings were really bad the first week but the second week were almost non-existent. I found that what little bit I splurged made me a little sick to my stomach. I am looking forward to your one month free trial. Seeing the newsletter every day helped me stay motivated. Thanks so much!


I loved the challenge! I didn’t follow it exactly but I made sure I subbed other keto meals. Having lunch out of last night’s dinner doesn’t work for me and I love to cook. Sooooo. The thing I loved is that I was truly not hungry between meals. As I read somewhere on your site I often only eat two meals a day: A late breakfast and dinner. I lost 8 pounds (4 kg) which is great! I am really motivated to continue.


I enjoyed doing the low-carb challenge and lost 6.5 pounds (3 kg) while experiencing almost no cravings (certainly not the awful cravings and hunger I used to feel on carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. It was an amazing sense of freedom!) I had been going a bit lower in my carbs for a couple of weeks prior to the challenge, so perhaps that helped.

I really enjoyed the recipes provided; so often it can be difficult to come up with ideas even though I don’t mind preparing all my own meals at all. In fact, it makes me feel like I’m in control of my own health and not some restaurant or pre-packaged product. I can’t really think of any ways to improve on the experience except to perhaps offer a couple of options for meals for those who don’t eat dairy (I eat dairy, but I understand some others don’t)

Thanks again! I will be continuing on this path as my blood sugars are much lower as well :)

Warm regards,


I liked being able to reduce the number of servings on the recipes. I really liked some of them. I felt there was too much cabbage on it. I like cabbage but there was a lot. I didn’t track macros and I did well but I would like to do spot checks on the macros. Your recipes don’t give grams but percentages only. Could you include both? That would be helpful.



I completed this challenge without problem. I followed the ketogenic version. My weight is down 10 pounds (5 kg). There is more to go.

However, the most important thing is that my blood sugar is MUCH better and I no longer have lows. I was waking up during the night with blood sugars in the 40s mg/dl (2.2 mmol/L), a direct result of “feeding insulin” after dosing for corrections before bedtime. My blood sugar has only been low once in the last two weeks. I am still taking Levemir at the same dose, but Novolog useage has dropped dramatically. I’m actually expecting a nice drop in A1c at my next visit.

Your Diet Doctor site gave me the motivation and how to do what I know I need to be doing.

Thank you,

Thank you,

I do feel better and for me this is a very easy diet to follow and stick with. Did not see much physical results for the first 2 weeks but I plan to repeat it the challenge for another 2 weeks.

Your professional website makes it very easy!

Thank you,

The videos were especially helpful in understanding the process and I was able to pretty much follow the guidance but didn’t follow the exact meal plan cause I swapped a lot of recipes out for others from your site. I found doing that to make use of the plan and shopping list difficult so I just kind of winged it and loosely followed the guidelines of LCHF using your recipes and 5 tips.

Overall I feel great and my only challenge was to avoid cream in my coffee in the mornings. I lost 12 lbs (5 kg) and am happy my doctor suggested this program. I have subscribed to the site for now and will gauge whether I remain subscribed based on how often I use the resources.


I really enjoyed the 2-week challenge. Lost 7 lbs (3 kg) and 2 inches (5 cm)! I plan on doing this for the long term! I love not feeling hungry but satisfied and still losing weight!

Thank you!

Thank you for this opportunity to try the ketogenic diet. First night’s dinner (patties) was absolutely delicious!! My husband has type 2 diabetes and we both would like to lose a few kilos – so if this is a diet then bring it on! Yummy!!

Many thanks once again.

I lost 4 kilos (9 lbs), which my doctor was really impressed with. I was sad; I was hoping my weight was due to something else because I really love food and cutting out so much is really frustrating.

Plan was easy to follow although I substituted some week 1 meals into week two (either ingredients were harder to get or not appealing), and I was only hungry a few times (though didn’t use the option of a bullion cube).

Signed on to the website, there are some great recipes and I like the metric option, although 120 “ml” of olives isn’t really a thing – we use tablespoons as well (ml is for liquid). Still not a fan of Brussels sprouts, though I am a fan of your web interface; easy to navigate and use.


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