How to think about how to eat — Gary Taubes

How should you think about how to eat?

Here’s the amazing Gary Taubes’ talk about lessons from the front line of LCHF clinical practice.

Taubes interviewed over 100 practicing doctors prescribing low carb to their patients, in preparation for his upcoming new book. This talk is about old mistaken ideas, and the ongoing revolution in how people think about nutrition, weight and health.


Gary Taubes:  Again we had this conflict between what we’re being told to eat, whether the nutritional authorities were right or wrong telling us what to eat and what’s actually happening out there.

And recently there was this article on CNN talking about how Weight Watchers stock is down and Oprah Winfrey’s stock and Weight Watchers is down because keto is taking over the world and is putting them out of business and she referred to–

And she referred to keto as the “keto surge”. I love by the way the photo. I’m glad that Weight Watchers is selling calorie restricted versions of ice cream cones, vanilla fudge, so I’m assuming they’re low calorie, but they probably have a point.

Okay, the conventional wisdom is on the defensive although they don’t actually see it happening. So like this New York Times article which is about a study that NuSI funded; the keto weight loss is diet quality, not quantity, a new study finds was–

So we’re moving into this thinking that it’s about quality, although the question is whether we’re defining what we mean by quality very well. But then you still get the hard-core defense and this is… I don’t know if you saw it, this is an article in the New York magazine, “The last conversation you’ll ever need to have about eating right” by the Yale associated nutritionist David Katz and Mark Bittman a former columnist at the New York Times.

“And there is one thing I know for sure, is that carbs are evil “and all plant foods are carbohydrates, that can’t be true but, yeah, carbs are evil. “Everything from lentils to lollipops are different kind of carbs. “Sure, but I should still avoid carbs, right? Exactly the opposite is true. You cannot have a complete or healthy diet without carbs.

Why I’ve been led to believe that carbs are evil?” Because you’ve been reading Gary Taubes. “Highly processed grains and added sugars are bad.” So again it’s a nuance message. “My friend is also talking about inducing ketosis.

“What is he talking about? Is that healthy? There’s no evidence that such diets are conducive to good health in the long run.” That’s an interesting point, because we’ve seen evidence, we have clinical observations that they’re conducive to good health in the short run.


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How to think about how to eat — Gary Taubes

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