How to lose 88 pounds in seven months with LCHF


Lars Fransén has tried to lose weight before, by exercising and doing other things, without much success. Last year he did something new. He focused on Just. One. Single. Thing: drastically reducing sugar and other carbohydrates in his diet.

After losing 88 pounds, and a much noticed Facebook update, he was interviewed on Swedish radio:

SR P4 Kronoberg: Lars Fransén lost 88 lbs (Google translated from Swedish)

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  1. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Good luck pulling in the stomach in the first photo. ;)
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  1. Armin
    Great success and kudos to him, but seeing his posture he's definitely pulling in his stomach on that second photo ... ;)
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Good luck pulling in the stomach in the first photo. ;)
  3. Ramsey
    I believe sucking in your stomach is good for posture, helps me, I also lost 70 Lbs.
  4. Fantastic, well done! We are all very enthusiastic here in France about this diet so we are spreading the word. Not sure if we can persuade the France to live without their famous French stick!
  5. I meant the French people and yes perhaps the whole of France!
  6. Michele
    Even at sucking it in.. he is down 88#'s pretty good numbers.. Plus no way he could sucked it in on the first photo right??? Good job!
  7. FrankG
    Many congratulations Lars... Good For You!

    I also find that I smile more, hold my head higher, stand taller and yes even suck in my gut, now that I am over 100lbs lighter (despite increased muscle mass) than before :-)

  8. Bernardo
    Congratulations! Although the change from black to pink wasn't necessary. :-s
  9. bill

    Sure...and he's sucking in his cheeks and his butt too. Right.

  10. Bumble
    Why can't I lose weight on this diet? I've tried everything; no cheese, no nuts, no anything other than meat, fat and brocoli, green beans, cauliflower and cabbage for 4 months and nothing. I must still be eating too much right, wrong, I am eating 700 cals under my TDEE.

    Go figure.

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  11. Sabine
    Great job Lars! It is wonderful that you shared your story.
    Thank you, Andreas for sharing all these success stories.
    It still amazes me, even after losing this much weight myself, and understanding some of the science behind it, that all one needs to do is 'cut the carbs' to loose all this weight and feel so much better in every way.
  12. Ondrej
    Sugar is toxic. Read it carefully and there is nou doubt what the truth about sugar is:-) Oh wait...
  13. FrankG
    Did you post here recently with the same issue Bumble?

    Wasn't it suggested that maybe you are not eating enough?

    If you starve yourself (counting calories) then your body will do its best to hang onto whatever stores it currently has.

    How much excess fat mass do you have?


    As for Ondrej I'll say this just once but if you really are a medical student then by continually sniping and trolling this blog with nothing but 3rd rate links, rather than offering any considered and reasonable discussion, you are only giving a very poor impression of yourself as a potential health-care professional. I for one am glad that I will never have you for a Doctor but I am glad that there are others like Dr Andreas and more recently Dr Melançon who ARE able to think for themselves and the good of their patients -- while expressing their thoughts in a polite, reasonable and professional manner.

  14. Lisa Insana
    Bumble, you may not be losing because you aren't eating ENOUGH. If you are doing LCHF you should be eating no less than 2000 calories per day. Try upping your calories and see if you can break that plateau.
  15. Totto
    Hypothyroid? Get a more knowledgeable doctor. Been there.
  16. Galina L.
    Unfortunatelly, if somebody lost 100 lb in 6 months, it doesn't mean you would loose the same amount of fat on the same diet. Other things play a role - hormones, age, previous dieting history. No one but you will have to listen to your body and figure out what to try next.
  17. Bumble
    I think my true fault is that I can't stick to it long enough. I I've managed 4 months, but truly not all the time. I eat a really good LCHF meal and then I'm hungry again about 2 hours after, I could time it (honestly). I think it's not true hunger either, as I did an experiment and really thought about what I wanted and I did not want fat, brocolli or any other LCHF food, but sweet stuff. I think it's just going to take longer for me to become 'fat adapted', is that right? I will keep trying, but if anyone thinks they can help me my email address is and I would appreciate any advice. I have 67lbs to lose to become a healthy weight for my height (heighest one too). I hold my hands up and say I'm not doing well, but I've always blamed the diet and not me, old habit I guess.

    Thanks for your responses.

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  18. Galina L.
    one of my issues was a habit to graze. I managed to overcome it through an adaptation to intermittent fasting. I guess, you can try it too. Here is the site that I found the most helpful - Also, I remember reading about supplements that help with sweets cravings in Dr.Eades"Protein Power".
  19. Zepp
    Well I think its more about it then bad willpower!

    First.. if you eat to little and have done this for a longer period.. you eat your own body.. as muscels and internal organs!

    And its those how should do the fatburning, then one have to restore those again.. by eating more, extra protein, vitamines and minerals, and fat!

    You sounds like have a comon dieters syndrome.. or you have truble with thyroids?

  20. bumble
    @Galina, thanks for that link, it really is good.

    @Zepp. I don't have a thyroid problem, however; I think I have the common dieters syndrome. I am not happy until I'm uncomfortably full and stay that way. I have a lot to work on and I shall continue, I just hope that I can get some fat off soon.

    Thanks to you all.

  21. yuma
    Bumble's situation generates an interesting question: What if you are full yet eating low calories?
  22. BA
    If you have good abdominal muscle structure, your stomach is always "sucked in".
  23. Rejane
    I'm from Brazil, sorry my English. I do LCHF two weeks ago, but did not lose weight. Where can I read about menus/diets/foods to know what I'm doing wrong. Thank you.
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  25. Galina L.
    May be it is not necessary to go too far away. Here is the link to Dr.Andreas's blog-spot how to loose weight

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