How to improve your memory with omega-3

Fish oil

This is pretty cool. A well-designed study just showed that supplementing omega-3 – one gram of DHA per day – for six months can improve memory and reaction times. Apparently it made the brain work better.

This finding could very well be true. After all, omega-3 is an important component of the structure of brain cells. And our Western diet is low in omega-3, meaning a lot of people might be deficient.

So, taking an omega-3 supplement could make you smarter. An even better option: eat plenty of fatty fish, or grass-fed beef, to get all the high-quality omega-3 you need the natural way.

How do you get your omega-3?


  1. Mike Graf
    Hahaha... They should cure the #Occupy crowd with some Omega-3 :P
  2. yuma
    I take NKO (Neptune Krill Oil).
  3. Satu Laukkanen
    I just ordered some "Camelina-oil" straight from producer. It has omega3 in different form like in fish but I understand it is still useful - I can get omega3 when my body make it of that oil.

    It tastes quite good so I will use it in salads and add it to the food.

    We eat fish weekly too.

    Maybe we should take some supplements too?

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  4. Zepp
    Then you should give it to your animals and then eat them.. becuse its just EPA and DHA that we need!

    Its the animal elongated form of Omega-3.

    One use it for making bio diesel.

    If you eating fish then you dont need any more polyunsaturated fats.

  5. robert
    I like mackerel, which is very fat indeed. Preferably lightly smoked. Why eat pills if you can do the same with tasty food?
  6. Jo
    Krill pills are the best source of omega 3. Google "why krill"
  7. Asbjørn
    I stick to my dinner dogma. Apart from colourful veggies, this means:
    One each week with muscle meat (beef, chicken, pork etc)
    One each week with organ meat (mostly beef liver)
    One each week with lean white fish, mussels or prawns
    One each week with fatty fish (mostly a pound of farmed norwegian salmon, which is very "short travelled food" to me)

    The 3 remaining dinner plates of the week would be whatever I feel for - though I'd guess most would pass as "real food" with flying colours.

    When in comes to omega 3 oils, I do not take supplements in the form of pills or oils. In addition to the fatty fish dinner, I eat a can or two of mackerel in tomato sauce every week. I've always liked that, ever since I was a child :-D

  8. Margaret
    Andreas you mentioned in an interview that the Swedish memory champion follows a ketogenic diet when competing. Do you have a link where we could read more about him?
    Thank you
  9. Cheryl
  10. Mike
    People seriously need to check out and read all the pdf reports,videos,and pod cast interviews,to learn about all the misinformation about Omega 6 and Omega 3,and the dangers of supplementing fish or krill oil.The garbage being spewed about these things is just as stupid and dangerous as the sat fat/cholesterol B.S.
  11. Murray Braithwaite
    For the past couple of years I have have had osteoarthritis in a foot joint due to a sports injury years ago. For a while now I have noticed a strong correlation between the level of background pain and the omega 6 and omega 3 content in my diet. If I have significant omega 6 in any form (canola oil, too much avocado, too much almonds, etc.) then it gets very sore. When I minimize omega 6, the condition is noticeable but not very painful. Omega 3 capsules of fish oil or krill oil help somewhat in the absence of omega 6, but are not enough to offset the effect of omega 6. However, when I have fermented cod liver oil instead of capsules and minimize omega 6, I get no pain whatsoever. It is like a day without clouds. Also, this past couple of weeks I noticed I had fantastic muscle recovery despite exhausting days of skiing with no conditioning in advance of the trip (too busy at work). My legs were rubbery and burning ending the day with the 7 km, 1600 metre vertical, peak to creek run without stopping, but I was good to go the next day. Loads of DHA from the cod liver oil must replenish the oxidized HUFA from the endurance exercise. (I did not have fish oil capsules during the ski trip, just the fermented cod liver oil.)

    Later in the trip I had run out of the cod liver oil and switched to fish oil caps. A friend took us for Peking duck. I had a generous serving of bok choy and soon my foot was killing me. They must have used soy oil or some other omega 6 heavy oil for the vegetables. Within a couple of hours of eating my foot went from zero pain to feeling like a nail had been driven through it. Once again, omega 6 trumps fish oil caps. I had had black cod the previous meal, so omega 6 seems to trump natural source omega 3 as well, in terms of causing inflammation.

  12. I take a tablespoon of cod fish liver oil each morning. Plenty of Omega-3s along with Vitamins D3 and A.

    Then I eat Omega-3 enriched eggs and grass-fed meat each day, then some fish a few times per month.

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  13. FrankG
    ...what was this post about again..??? :-P

    Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, wild-caught (sustainable) cold-water fish and eggs from pastured hens are my recipe for natural omega balance

  14. Daniel Ferreira
    if you are eating egg lands best, omega 3's,

    i got some bad news for you...

  15. I take a cod liver oil supplement. What is your recommended O3 dose per day, Doc? Do you endorse the 1g per day like in the study?
  16. We’re all in favor of getting as much omega 3 as possible from fish in the diet. But high-purity/high-potency fish-oil capsules are a useful option for those who don’t care for fish, cannot for whatever reason eat enough to satisfy recommended weekly amounts, or are concerned about mercury and other waterborne contamination. A half-century worth of study has led most of the world’s medical authorities to agree that this is one supplement that is indeed worth taking. We invite interested readers to learn more about omega 3 and fish oil, and get news of the latest independent research, on our web sites and
  17. In the morning I take a bit of Blue Ice butter oil and cod liver oil blend, and before bed a swig of Carlson's cod liver oil - you might know it as Peter Möller's. Where I live it's difficult and prohibitively expensive to get good ocean fish. I'm a day's drive from any ocean.
  18. cod liver oil supplement...
  19. Salwa
    I have been eating cod liver oil for years, it showed a lot of benefits . It is really improve my bone especially when I had an accident in my arm , it really reduced the pain and if I stop eating the pain comes back again. Also it helped my memory a lot, I am more smarter and fast memorizing the books . I forget to mention I am 50 years old and I had come to college again.
    I recently graduated with 3.7 GPA.

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