How to gain even more weight at McDonald’s

Not many people find it hard to get fat eating at McDonald’s. But if you do, they are now launching the solution: the new McChoco Potato.

As you can see it’s composed of rapidly digested carbs with sugar on top. Just the sort of corporate responsibility the world needs in the middle of an obesity epidemic. Well done, McDonald’s.


  1. Vicky
    .............or you could try a deep fried Mars Bar, complete with batter and ice cream - a speciality originated in chip shops in Scotland, and now I see its getting popular worldwide! Oh dear!
  2. palo
    Didn't Fat Head Tom Naughton lose weight at Mc Donald's?
  3. MCTuser
    I was hoping to learn more about McChoco Potato but the link in the article goes to an ad for that phoney movie "SuperSize Me". Can you give a better link, or at least get rid of the one you have now? I get it why it is linked to gaining weight at McDonald's but why help promote a discredited movie (see FatHead by Tom Naughton).
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  4. Ian
    Yes, I thought the link to "SuperSize Me" was a bit incongruous?
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    My bad, wrong link. Fixed now.
  6. Lori Miller
    It looks like you'll have to go all the way to Japan to get it.
  7. James Childress
    If they are gonna dress up the fries, make it Poutine instead. Yes I know the gravy has flour in it, but it is mostly fat calories.
  8. Fay
    Showed the photo to my husband and he made gagging noises. We've been LCHF for several years now and can think of nothing worse than chocolate chips.

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