How to do an LCHF diet – Dr. Eric Westman

Do you want to know how to do a low-carb, high-fat diet the right way? Here’s one more of the best presentations from the LCHF Convention from last year.

One of the world’s leading experts on low-carb, Dr. Eric Westman, teaches us just the way he teaches his own patients. Including everything that’s important to do LCHF right. You can watch the start of the 60 minute presentation above.

Watch the full presentation

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Interview – Eric Westman Part 1
Dr Westman’s Guide to LCHF 2/5: How to Become a Fat-Burning Machine
Interview – Eric Westman Part 3
Interview – Eric Westman Part 4
Interview – Eric Westman Part 5
Heal Clinics presentation by Dr. Eric Westman


  1. Steve
    is grapefruit allowed? and how much 1-2x a week? (It satisfies my sweetooth)
  2. will
    So in order to be healthy i need to pay you money that's amazing. Good scam.
    Replies: #6, #14
  3. Zak
    Will, look into the information here, everything you need is here, you only have to pay if you want too.
  4. Craig
    Cool, video is blocked even after signing up for your spam.
    Reply: #5
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    My apologies. This was caused by a bug caused by the recent iOS 9.3 update, causing our video provider Vimeo to believe that the videos are not in the right location.

    I've just updated our videos manually and they should now run fine. Thank you for alerting me.


  6. Krista
    All the recipes are available for free. The membership is entirely optional and allows people (like video editors, cameramen, web hosting, web developers, and valuable doctors) to be somewhat compensated for their work (since they do not place ads on the site and do not take money from sponsors, sell bars and other stuff like other sites might!) I have found the $$ worth it, but for friends that could not pay the small membership, I told them they don't need it, the recipes and basics are all publicly available, which is fantastic.

    I really enjoy my membership, however. Great benefits!!

    Reply: #7
  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks Krista!

    Hopefully you'll find our new membership tool (rolling out in early January) even more useful and awesome. ;)

  8. Shane

    Was wondering if I could ask a question regarding ketosis?

    So, I use to follow a very strict ketosis diet (3g carbs a day) . I stict to the diet for about a year and was feeling great. The only problem was that evry once in a while I would crave sugar so badly and over indulge. I started yo-yo dieting... dieting, overindulging, dieting, ect.

    I descided to start eating a more balanced diet with carbs and fruit ect. but ever since have like a rash on my arms. I read online that it might be due to glucose intolerance. I never use to have this problem. Could this be due to being on such a strict diet for too long? Could I have become glucose intolerant as a result of not eating glucose ect for too long?

    Please advise as I would like to go back to eating less carbs ect as I felt really good on the diet and would like to lose some weight (gained since I started eating carbs).



  9. Bel
    My husband and I are grossly overweight and he has diabetes. We recently started back on Atkins since that has been the only weight loss program that worked for us and made positive changes in his blood sugar. Tonight he handed me a pamphlet and asked me to read it, Diabetes Free in 7 Weeks. I think we can do this. We are older, less active and growing less active and in size by the day.
    I want to play ball with my grandsons. Thank you Dr. Westman...for everything.
  10. Matt
    Someone on a diabetes forum I belong to recommended this documentary series: I'm curious about what the LCHF medical community thinks about it. It's promoting the plant-based approach to treating diabetes, and is harshly critical of LCHF/keto, but I'm hearing a lot of things that are sending up red flags, like promoting antioxidants (which have little to no evidence of having any benefit), and claiming that eating high amounts of carbs and virtually no fat will reverse diabetes.
  11. Sandy R
    I am very interested in using your diet, however, I suffer with kidney stones and some have recommended that I don’t use this type of diet. Is there any truth to this?
  12. Jean Curley
    Hello, I live in suburban Boston, MA and would like to find a doctor with knowledge of the Keto diet which I have been on for two months. My GP is has no knowledge and is telling me to get my total down and cut out fats. 228, triglycerides 51, HDL 74 and LDL 144. I am a pretty active 60 year old woman. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  13. Donna Byers
    I have been reading about statins, I have been on them 16 yrs, I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, have started the lchf diet. My question is-- im thinking of stopping the statins. I have read they raise the blood sugars, cause muscle and bone pains and affect the liver. Is it true when you change your diet, eliminate the processed foods , and keep your carbs below 20 grms a day, my triglicerides cholesterol will be ok without statins, and I won't have to worry about any heart attacks? Please respond, thank you.
  14. Jennifer Dunn
    You mean like you have to pay your family doctor for good health? :)
    Seriously, though, there are lots of free resources about keto on the internet, like at
  15. Chantal
    I love that this site is relatively cheap for the information provided! You should definitely be compensated for your time as providers and professionals. Unfortunately, many people above seem to think that asking for medical advice on here is okay. General public, please keep in mind that they do not know your history and medical conditions- they cannot provide you with adequate medical advice under those conditions!

    Keep doing what you do- it's wonderful!

  16. Nina
    I’ve changed up my life about a month ago with a lchf and if approach. I’m 64, I have been obese since I was a teenager, with many attempts at weight loss, I had a precancerous tumor on my thyroid, hence a thyroidectomy in 2005, I had part of my intestine removed in 2015 to address diverticulitis, had Hep C, but have successfully gone through treatment. I’d love to find a doctor or nutritionist locally to address my particular concerns regarding this lifestyle and my history and possibly some of the challenges around my metabolism, and liver function. The info I have gathered implies that I am on the right track, but my energy level and endurance are poor. Any suggestions?
  17. Kelly
    I guess there’s a lot of people that work for free commenting. Lol
  18. Sesty Lopez
    Im trying to find the video where Dr Westman tells those who dont understand how to do this diet. I am one of those. Please and Thank you
    Reply: #19
  19. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Im trying to find the video where Dr Westman tells those who dont understand how to do this diet. I am one of those. Please and Thank you

    That's the video on this page! You can also start with our free two week challenge.

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