“How to diet in your sleep”


Can you diet in your sleep? Yes of course, you already do that – so how about extending that nightly fast for just a bit longer?

Here’s another article with good tips about intermittent fasting from Dr. Jason Fung and his excellent new book The Obesity Code:

Daily Mail UK: How to Diet in Your Sleep: Yes, It Sounds Too Good to Be True. But Here a Top Doctor Reveals a Weight-Loss Regime That’s Blissfully Simple – and Effective

For more fasting tips check out the video course with Dr. Fung below.


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  1. Dirk Van Giel
    Yesterday morning (28/3/2016) around 7h30 I returned home from a holiday in Turkey. Before having a cup of coffee I checked my weight and found 2,2kg more on the scale. So I decided not to eat (as the fridge was empty) and only have that coffee with some coconut oil. I remembered the intermediate fasting routine by Dr. Fung and went to bed without any food as I was not hungry at all. This morning I got on the scale again and found my weight to be dropped by 2,4kg !
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  2. Rafael
    Congrats for losing water weight. Do you think you lost 2,4kg of fat overnight?

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