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  1. Funderaren
    If it were just a question of calories, skipping breakfast would make you thin. We all know that isnt the case.
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  1. Funderaren
    If it were just a question of calories, skipping breakfast would make you thin. We all know that isnt the case.
  2. Ash
    I started LCHF "diet" last friday iv lost 3 KG by now, and yes im drinking lots of fluids and eating when im hungry.

    im fully expecting to platoe for a while, i doubt ill keep dropping 3kg a week, which is probobly not very healthy.

  3. Tia
    Yes, burn the pizza, trash it and then enjoy real food! :D
    Have a nice weekend!
  4. You could pick off the cheesy bits! I love burnt crispy cheese!
  5. Angie
    "I guarantee it."

    Every time I've eaten lchf and not counted calories I've gained. Gotten back on strict calorie diet and lost 10 lbs, 6 separate times in the last 2 years (this last time while in ketosis I gained 10 again). I've studied this stuff to death to see what I'm doing wrong. I do not have a thyroid issue. but I do seem to have a very slow metabolism. I still love to read about it because It's a dream for me and would be a beautiful thing if it worked, and maybe I'll find my answer one day. But there are no guarantees.

  6. Galina L
    Actually, I found skipping breakfast to be quite beneficial for a weight loss. It was what I did after my weight-loss stalled for couple years . I started to practice intermittent fasting in addition to a LC diet, and eat within 6 - 8 hours during the day. So my first meal is at 12 or 2 pm, second around 6 pm. No snacks.
  7. Tia
    @ Angie:
    Are you sure you gained and lost bodyfat?
  8. Angie
    @Tia. yes I had my body fat / bmi checked many times throughout. I think I messed up my metabolism with hcg, according to one dietician. Wont do that again! She says it can heal but takes time. I am now trying the intermittent fasting mentioned by Galina above for the last couple days. Nothing yet but I will keep at it.
  9. Tia
    @Angie: possibly it is a good idea to give your metabolism a good shaking. Good luck! :)
  10. JAUS
    The idea that we have to count calories to loose weight is moronic, other animals have no idea what a calorie is and still they keep their weight unless a human feeds them the wrong kind of food of course.

    I also prefer using kiloJoule (kJ) when counting energy anyway, because the International System of Units (SI) makes more sense than old obsolete units like the calorie.

    1gram fat = 38kJ; 1 g carbohydrate/protein = 17kJ.

  11. Marcy
    Angie, same thing happens to me these days. If I eat all I want even if it is all LCHF, I don't lose or I gain. I find now at 61 years old, the only way for me to lose is to stop eating everything by 2 PM.
  12. Anu
    I think for me LCHF really does work because it really shuts down my appetite. So I do end up eating fewer calories, but it's not quite as painful to do so. I find that when I'm eating really clean, I don't tend to eat very much -- it's when I start with the substitute desserts and substitute breads that things get whacked. I'm trying to pay more attention to how I'm feeling -- if I feel really hunger-less despite not having eaten recently that's an indication that I'm well into ketosis and I can relax a little. If I am feeling hungry then I'm probably sort of borderline and need to eat really clean and make sure I don't eat little bites of this and that that add up.
  13. tess
    :-) that was just too good! i love a good laugh in the morning....
  14. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I changed the post by adding a "pretty much". There may be an exception or two, perhaps.
  15. Angie
    Oh well thanks doc:) It may actually be a guarantee if all things (hormones, etc) are working properly and in order. I just had a metabolic test and found my thyroid is a little stressed, and a few other things that could very well be making a difference. Hopefully this will help along with fasting. Love your site!
  16. Margaretrc
    @Jaus. Well said. It's what I've always said. Why would we be the only animal on the planet that has to count calories to stay at a healthy weight? Makes no sense whatsoever. Cultures that eat traditional diets and don't try to outguess mother nature don't count calories either, yet have no problem maintaining weight. Like the doc said, I have way better things to do than count calories. It's inane. And insane.
  17. Norma
    Angie I too gained quite a bit of weight this year in ketosis: I was not underweight at the beginning and wanted to lose around10lbs. I couldn't believe it! It was over a period of 3 months: I really am convinced of the health benefits of lchf because I've read a huge amount about it over many years. I'm 53 and post menopausal and I think that has a lot to do with it. There's quite a bit on this problem on the internet - all women - so with the greatest of respect I take what fit, young, male writers say with a large pinch of salt.
  18. mezzo
    There's is no such thing as "one size fits all" in eating just as there is no "one size fits all" in shoes. If you are a person who's been dieting all your life you may have trashed your metabolism and lost your sense of satiety. Eating "paleo" or LCHF does not automatically make you thin and may make you put on weight. The first law of thermodynamics may not fully apply to what goes on in human bodies but habitual overeating makes most people put on weight. Yes - there are some exceptions. Everybody knows somebody who can eat until the cows come home and not put on a pound. But these people are the exception rather than the rule. The body is basically interested in two things: procreation and survival. It acts accordingly - tries to build reserves for pregnancy and times of scarcity. A good thing too, or humans would have become extinct a long time ago.
  19. Howard

    Other animals don't need to count calories because they haven't damaged their metabolisms over a lifetime by eating inappropriate foods. Once your metabolism is screwed up all bets are off. It's wonderful that you both can maintain your weight without worrying about the amount of food you eat, but it's different for many of us. In order to lose weight I must eat virtually zero carb, limit eating to one meal per day, and fast (no solid food) two days a week. It's not a problem because I'm seldom hungry, but if, for example, I were to try eating two meals a day I would gain weight.

  20. moreporkplease
    Hi Norma & Angie:

    Are you really sure you both were in ketosis? What was your numer on the blood ketone meter? I live at 1.4 pretty much.

    Please take to heart our friend Jimmy Moore who thought he was in ketosis, only to measure and discover he was not. He is profoundly insulin resistance and achieves a blood BHB measure of 1.5-2 only be eating 85% fat. Since adopting that diet in May he has lost 20+ pounds.

    Have you tried the same?

  21. Karen
    Hey Doc: Have you seen this, or read the original study in BMJ?


  22. Yoly

    You can read an excellent post on this study in this link; The study is just a non-sense attack on LC that is not really Low carb.


  23. JAUS
    #19 Why are you using the straw man fallacy? I agree fully with that, if you damage your body with the wrong kind of foods and then you have to much stricter with what kind of foods you eat after that.
  24. Karen
    Thanks, Yoly.

    Whatever the degree of validity, or lack of, regarding the science in the article, I was thinking and wondering about is that it is published in the British Medical Journal ("BMJ") That's one of the world's most prestigious medical publications, wielding a lot of influence in the established medical community.

  25. Howard
    @JAUS RE:23

    Sorry, misread your original post.

  26. Moreporkplease
    " if you damage your body with the wrong kind of foods"

    What's with the moralistic blame here? Some people lost the genetic lottery; some were misfed as children; some are addicted to sugar & don't know how to stop; many believed in the Food Pyramid. No one said, yeah I'm going to be as fat & sick as possible!

  27. Howard

    I assume this is directed toward me. You're inferring something that wasn't implied. No blame intended, just fact. By whatever means the body is messed up. Yes, I was misfed and have bad genes. And I am a sugar addict and (being that sugar is everywhere) self-control is far more of a challenge than with many other addictions. I have nothing but empathy for those who battle weight.

  28. Laura
    Food for thought for the London Olympics 2012..... The consumer magazine WHICH? noticed that many of the sponsors of the Olympics are 'junk' (they use high calory) food providers like McDonalds, CocaCola, CAdbury (candy bars with as little as 30% choc the rest is sugar!). So based of the now we know erroneous belief of calories in calories out they show you how much Olympic activity you have to do to BURN those very same calories e.g. big Mac with fries and regular drink is 990 Kcal= 110 minutes of cycling at 12 mph but as usual this does not take into account that the type of food eaten and the exercise are a lethal comibation...high insulin and exercise will make the peron very HUNGRY and surely reach out for the candy bar at the bottom of the bag!!
    How much better would athletes perform in the future if they adopt a low carb regime?
  29. JAUS
    #26 Another strawman. No was blaming anyone, it's all in your head. You surely know that you can hurt your own body without knowing that you are doing it because you been mislead by others.

    I, myself have damaged my body because I followed the national guidlines in my country. I used to eat pasta every day before LCHF.

  30. Fatchompa
    Fat chompa luvs calories Yeah baby !!!!! Eat carbs count cals booooo! Eat fat taste goooooooood! Boy!!!! Fat chompa glad!!!
  31. Fatchompa
    Humans are meat eaters hmmmm! That probably means our body toteralates carb but not meant to eat huge quanties?
  32. Fatchompa
    Vegheads wind me up!!! Growup!!!!
  33. Arshad, Stuttgart
    Sharing a good news here:

    Cancer group asks U.S. to study sugary drinks, obesity

  34. Yoly
    What Reading That “Low-Carb Gives You Heart Disease” Paper Actually Told Me


  35. Bill Berry
    I share Angie's frustrations; I was diagnosed with diabetes eight weeks ago and began taking Lantus - 20 units per day; day one I weighed 225; one week later, 243. My eyeballs hurt, my vision went blurry and my weight would eventually stabilize at 236 but with great discipline I have adhered to only counting carbs and bought NoSweetz Liquid Sucralose and it refuses to go any lower. It was only when I tweaked my overall calories to less than 1800 calories a day my weight began to fall further. Every website advocated don't count calories..."You will know when you're full!" Really? I discovered almonds - raw and cooked...they come in at 180 calories per serving...but 2 net carbs...5g carb/3g fiber per 1 oz serving. If none of us are suppose to count calories why does every website say eat them in moderation; it would take eating 50 grams...10 oz to bust a LCHF diet for the day assuming 20 grams is your limit; but not before you ate 1800 calories of them...so I believe while no one ever says the other "C" word...it matters. So those of you saying you eat less food; true, but a fat gram comes in at 9 calories per gram; that's 2.25 times more than a carb gram. The body may burn calories different when in fat-burn mode; but losing a pound of weight remains a net loss of 3500 calories; whether it's diet, killing yourself in a gym or a combination of both.
  36. Lisa
    For those women who are having issues losing on lchf. I do not count calories. I do count carbs. I do find anything over 30 carbs for me, as a woman, stalls my loss. I find peoople forget just how many carbs it takes to go over 20-30 grams. Eat a few cups of cauliflower, et a bunch of cheese, and bam, weight loss stalls for me. I do best on a diet of meat, eggs, leafy greens, with small amounts of dairy, if any, and no nuts.
    Nuts of any kind, stalls my loss, and have made me gain.
    Dairy can also be a huge stickler for some.. dairy can make a lot of women, especially gain/stall (all anecdotal from reading boards for years).
    The quality of your meat and eggs can be an issue, as well. Grass-fed, pastured meats and eggs are nutritionally different than factory farmed meat.
    A lot of us near hormonal changing times seem to need to tweak things.. a fat fast can kick things up a notch.
  37. Mary B.
    I have tried lchf diet and find that I lost about 6 lbs in a month. I have to eat less and try to count calories by keeping food per day down to less than 1000 cal. I am 69 and take thyroid medication. I also take bp meds. Plus bipolar meds which cause people to gain tons of weight. I find it difficult to lose and eat foods that have high fat in them. I am trying though. Enjoyed reading the comments.

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