“How are you doing this?”

Here’s another case of absolutely stunning type 2 diabetes reversal. Kevin Benjamin’s doctor could hardly believe it.

From an insanely high blood sugar with an A1c of 12.7 – despite medication – to completely normal sugars, with no medications! Plus he lost most of his excess weight. All with a couple of simple lifestyle changes, not including more exercise.

You can probably guess what he did (yes, it includes low carb and some intermittent fasting). In this interview Kevin Benjamin shares his best tips and tricks for how to do it and keep it up for five years like he has.

Watch a segment from it above (transcript). The full 21-minute interview is available on our member site:

“How Are You Doing This?” – Interview with Kevin Benjamin

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Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

Fantastic interview. It could have been me talking. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
– Pat

Holy Cow! This is the video I am recommending people to start with – because Kevin’s story is so typical – lots of meds to fix lots of problems brought on by bad eating. Amazingly clear.
– Barbara

As a newbie to the low carb high fat way of eating, I really appreciate Kevin sharing his journey with us. It encourages me to keep going even if things aren’t going perfectly. Thank you diet doctor team for a success story video. Keep them coming!
– Deanna

I really like how practical he is, and especially about the evolution of your way of eating. Excellent interview, I appreciate this interview style where he is allowed to continue his thought.
– Kathy

Great interview – it’s amazing to see someone who has recaptured his health the way this gentleman has.
– Marie

Wonderful interview and inspiring story ?
– Patricia

Thanks Kevin for sharing your experience with us. It is a great interview. Not only he succed but also he is truly an expert and shares great information. It is a joy to hear success stories like Kevin’s.
– Dolores

Really appreciate the honesty, the advice, the help and access to all the resources. I keep enjoying all the Dietdoctor.com interviews & tools. So glad I became a member. Thank you.
– Rudy

This was a fantastic interview! I loved Kevin’s approach and attitude towards a low carb way of eating. Well done, Kevin!
– Jools

“How Are You Doing This?” – Interview with Kevin Benjamin

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How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

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