We’re hiring recipe team members – come cook with us!


Are you passionate about food and health? Would you love to join an outstanding team in making low-carb recipes that can change the lives of millions?

If so, we want to hear from you.

We are hiring 1-2 awesome recipe-team members to come join our company in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Don’t live here yet? No problem – we’ll help you to move here and find a place to live.

About you

We’re looking for a foodie to join our recipe team. Maybe you’re a chef? Maybe you’re a food writer or blogger? We don’t know that but we do know that you love great food, as in cooking, eating, talking and writing about it.

Essential qualities

  • Passionate foodie with a big interest in low-carb and keto cooking.
  • Excellent English or Swedish (native speaker), preferably bilingual.
  • Strong desire to learn fast.
  • High ambitions with a strong desire for quality and constant improvement.
  • You love to solve problems, work independently and get things done.
  • A belief in our values: The importance of simplicity and trustworthiness. You also have a strong will to do something good and meaningful for the world.

Bonus skills

  • Experience working in WordPress.
  • A degree in cooking.
  • Experience in writing, especially food related.
  • Experience in photography/videography, especially food related.
  • Further bonus: master Spanish in reading and writing.

The job will consist of a variety of tasks but initially primarily adding and translating new recipes to our sites. You will also be a part of recipe planning and assisting at photo and video sessions.

With time, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to create your own low-carb recipes and helping to further develop Diet Doctor into the premier low-carb recipe site in the world, while working with a growing team of low-carb recipe specialists.

Why work for Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor has about 200,000 daily visitors, over 40,000 paying members and 17 full-time coworkers (about 30 including freelancers). We’re growing at about 200 % annually. Our goal is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health – by making low carb simple.

We are funded by the people, owned by those who work here, and – because we want to build a company that can do good for 100+ years – we’ve turned down every investment opportunity we’ve received from venture capitalists. Fortunately, with the support of our members, we’ve been able to fund this growth without outside investments.

We offer competitive salaries and the opportunity to become a co-owner in our explosively growing company. Even more importantly – we give you the chance to work for a purpose-driven company that exists to do good in the world.


You’ll get the opportunity to travel internationally too, if you want. We travel to low-carb related conferences all over the world, go on a week-long low-carb cruise in the Caribbean annually, and this year we went on a weekend trip with the team to Nice, France. We also travel to film low-carb cooking videos with world-class talent.

Don’t live in Stockholm, but speak excellent English? No problem – we’ll help you to move here and find a place to live.

Timing not perfect? Reach out anyway – we’ll wait for the right person.

Alternatively: Do you know anyone who is a perfect match? Tell that person about this ad!

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss – apply now.


In order to fit in our team you need to live up to the requirements mentioned above. It’s otherwise a bonus if you can increase our team’s diversity – we see difference in skills, interests, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, etc. as a big advantage.

Apply now

Our goal is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health, by making low carb simple. At least a billion people could benefit from eating fewer carbs, primarily but not exclusively people with obesity, type 2 diabetes and other problems related to metabolic syndrome. These people are currently not getting the support they deserve, and we aim to change that.

To achieve this goal we need to work with awesome people who are passionate about the enormous value keto and low carb can have for many people, and who can help us create incredible products that make low carb simple.

Could you be one of those people? If so, apply today.

To apply, please send the following to jobs@dietdoctor.com by Thursday, November 30th:

  1. A personal letter, up to one page long, about why you’re perfect for this job.
  2. Your CV with references and a picture.

Best of luck!


  1. Carol
    I think you should hire a fasting co ordinator. I know it's hard to look on your site when fasting. All the lovely recipe pictures and talk of food make my mouth water!!!
  2. Rhonda Lynn
    Oh my, what an amazing opportunity! While I am a food enthusiast and love to cook, I'm sure there is a much more skilled person out there that is your perfect match. I would love to move to Sweden and work for you and will keep watching for other opportunities!
  3. Jaci Applegate
    This would be amazing. I love to cook and read articles on different ways to cook healthier for my family. I am not a chef or an active food blogger but this makes me want to become one so bad! I actually have Swedish roots and have always wanted to go there, so much so that I have started studying the Swedish language. What a great opportunity for someone!
  4. Dr Kaushik Chatterjee
    wow!!!! Really a wonderful and very much relevant site for all concerned......I would really like to join here to take part in this revolutionary program to educate and reach out.....Diabetes, Heart disease, Hypertension and various types of carcinoma {Cancer} are rampant worldwide...in fact, Asia is the Diabetic capital of the world....low carb diet, if properly cooked...can play a very positive role in addressing this problem. As a practicing Occupational Health Physician in India...I found an astonishingly high rate of Lifestyle Diseases prevalent in the Industrial set up here...mostly due to lack of proper knowledge regarding a healthy diet... DIET DOCTOR will be a fresh welcome for most of us in this Globe...
  5. Ashley Huffaker
    Yes! This is so wonderful. I had no Idea your company was employee owned on so dedicated to maintaining that high standard of ownership. I have been following your site for a long time and recommending it to friends whenever questions come up about diet/nutrition. This position could not be more perfect. I am working on my CV as we speak :) Hope to talk soon!
  6. Linda Rice
    Andreas and Team, I am an ardent advocate of Diet Doctor, I admire and believe in your cause and the integrity you keep to the highest principles. Keep up this much needed and valiant cause! Wishing you all the very best, including the fortunate person who takes up the position advertised.
  7. Alison Lavender
    What an exciting opportunity! Hope you find the perfect candidate soon! Good luck! :)
  8. Gloria
    What is a CV?
    Reply: #9
  9. Bev
    CV stands for 'Curriculum vitae' - same as a Résumé in the US and elsewhere
  10. John Bueglas
    Curious as to why a picture is required to apply. That request is not allowed in many countries
  11. Esther
    Interesting! Would love to apply, but I live in sunny England in the UK :-) Plus how do I uproot and drag along 3 teens?
    I love cooking, and an annual 5-course dinner party for 40 guests used to be a doddle. Not so this year, as I am planning a LCHF version. I am working my way through the recipes here for inspiration.
    Good luck with the Chef. Pray, cast your net wide. We could do with some Asian, Italian, African, & Mexican recipes ...
  12. Russell Lee Fernandes
    Good afternoon! Definitely would love to be selected. Sent my Cv over. Awaiting a positive reply !
    Chef Russell Lee Fernandes
  13. Rosebud
    Wow, what an opportunity for someone to take up this work, I wonder who got the job as I see that I am posting this comment rather late. I am a chef and worked for different organisations over the years, unfortunately, I am too old for the job otherwise I would have snapped it up had I known. I am an African from Ghana and have been on an LCHF diet for the past 3 months, I have lost a great deal of weight and feel so much better now. I have adapted a lot of our Ghanaian popular dishes e.g Jollof Rice, Fufu, Banku etc using Okra, and Ogbono into LCHF. I learnt about Ketogenic after I had a stroke last year, wish I had known about it years ago. I congratulate you, Doctor, on your positiveness and I hope you succeed in your endeavours in helping people to better health with LCHF diet. Thank you very much for this site, I'm really loving your website, and love getting your newsletter regularly.
    Maybe, I ought to start posting my meals online?

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