How to help patients reverse type 2 diabetes

How do you go about helping patients reverse their type 2 diabetes with low carb as a doctor?

In this interview, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt sits down with Dr. Sarah Hallberg to discuss this in detail. She has plenty of experience in this area, having helped patients as a clinical doctor as well as leading a study on type 2 diabetes reversal at Virta Health.

Watch a preview above, where she discusses the most important thing to have in mind when patients with type 2 diabetes start on low carb (transcript). The full interview is available with a free trial or membership:

How to help patients reverse type 2 diabetes – Dr. Sarah Hallberg

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Type 2 diabetes


How to reverse type 2 diabetes


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    Looks like the full transcript is not available (just on page). Please could you upload? Thanks!
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