Your help needed: South African medical authorities appeal own decision on Tim Noakes acquittal


Sign the petition to support Tim Noakes

Medical authorities are back on the warpath in the legal battle with Professor Tim Noakes that we all thought was over. Dr. Sarah Hallberg and colleagues have set up a new petition to support Professor Noakes, and you can sign it here:

Sign the petition to support Professor Tim Noakes >

What is the latest development in the Tim Noakes case?

When we celebrated Noakes’ legal triumph in April of last year, we thought his long battle with South African medical authorities was finally over. But The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has now launched an appeal on its own committee’s verdict to acquit Tim Noakes of a charge of unprofessional conduct in April 2017.

The HPSCA has stated that its Professional Conduct Committee “erred and misdirected themselves on the law and facts”.

Was the trial even legal in the first place?

According to an article on, the Committee has objected to a request by Noakes’ lawyers to introduce incriminating new evidence that dietitians from the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) in fact set Noakes up:

Noakes’s legal team has filed a cross-appeal going for costs. They say that the HPCSA went after Noakes illegally. It had no sustainable case from the outset.

How did it all begin?

Noakes’ legal nightmare began after a Tweet to a breastfeeding mother on February 4th 2014 that she could safely wean her child onto a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. The “unprofessional conduct” charge was centred around the HPSCA’s argument that the Tweet was “not evidence-based”.

What can you do?

Dr. Sarah Hallberg, medical director at Virta Health and medical director and founder of the Indiana University – Arnett Health Medical Weight Loss Program in Lafayette Indiana, has started a petition addressing the claim that there is lack of a scientific basis for LCHF. The petition cites the scientific articles that provide reliable evidence of the benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet.

The appeal will be held at the HPSCA’s Pretoria offices from February 21st to 23rd 2018.

To help Professor Tim Noakes, you can sign the petition presenting data to show that LCHF is, indeed, evidence-based.

You can access the petition by following this link>

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  1. Rachel
    The petition does not exist at that link
  2. Mags
    Also can’t access petition
  3. Ewa
    Can't access petition
  4. The petition seems to be down – let us know via a comment below or via if you know what happened to it.
    Reply: #6
  5. OK, the link is now working again.
  6. Tiffanee
    Found the petition, the response is great, 6250/7500 when I signed...
  7. Elizabeth
    I had problems too last night. Instead I googled and then searched using Tim Noakes as search term.
  8. Elizabeth
    Sorry spelling error -
  9. Jeff
    I'm kinda on the edge of my seat here. This appealing of their own verdict starts tomorrow: "The appeal will be held at the HPSCA’s Pretoria offices from February 21st to 23rd 2018"
  10. Jennifer
    I can't believe he is still going through this. What a mess. Signed and it was over 17,000. Please keep up the great work here and promoting how we need to change our diets! You are making a difference! Thank you!
  11. Elle Rossi
    Can’t access the petition OR change .org ! Seemed to blocked at every turn. Weird.
  12. Simmy
    Can someone please provide me with the studies that say low carb is good for a baby and toddler. I need to see the science first.

    As a 43 year old woman, I can say that low carb have always been fantastic for body fat loss but in the past low carb alone has caused major hormonal issues and thyroid problems for me (I bled for 41 days until I started eating rice). I'm hoping that because I've included high fat and reduced my HIIT and Strength Training this time, those problems (which take about 10 months to a year to show up) wont occur.

    It's not just my personal experience, women all around the world are discussing the problems online so I want to see the science on children and women. I can't seem to find very much (I found 18 studies on women and they were very poorly conducted) so apart from studies on men, I'm wondering how this Dr was convinced it would be good for a baby after breastfeeding.

    Dr Fung doesn't even recommend it for teenagers because they are still growing let alone a child.

  13. Carol
    Time for Prof Noakes to sue....dr Mercola outlines a case where Dr Grier in U.S. Successfully sued equivalent professional body for harassment and won....and the best bit was that individual tribunal members were held personally liable to the tune of $10,000 - $200,000.

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