Help fund new documentary about why we got fat


Here’s a new exciting low-carb documentary that you can help fund – and as a reward receive some “perks” depending on the amount of money you donate.

Weight loss expert Vinnie Tortorich and award-winning filmmaker Peter Pardini want you to join their team to make a hard-hitting documentary film that exposes the widespread myths and lies around healthy eating, fat and weight loss and shows how, in spite of all our good intentions, we go on getting fatter and fatter.

In just a few days they raised more than $36,000. Do you want to help them reach the goal of raising $150,000 and make the documentary happen? Go to the link below:

Indiegogo: Fat: A documentary



  1. Linda
    Vinnie Tortorich is saving lives!!
  2. Matt
    @Andreas, how do we know that the message will be in line with LCHF philosophies? How do we know we are not funding another “What the health”? Are you endorsing this?
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  3. Chris
    If you know anything about Vinnie you know it ain’t another “what the health” movie.
  4. Matt
    @Chris, no I don’t know anything about Vinnie, which is why I am asking. I am a willing funder. I just am asking the people I already trust to provide a clearer endorsement to help me decide if this is right for me. There is nothing in this post on or in the funding website that says anything about the intended content other than it is to be a “low carb” doc.
  5. Shannon
    Matt -you can follow Vinnie on twitter and he has a FB page with over 20K members. He has a podcast that you can listen to also, he uploads several a week - listen to his podcasts and you'll realize it won't be another 'what the health'

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