Help – I cannot get out of the habit of overeating!

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Help – I cannot get out of the habit of overeating! What can I do about snacking out of boredom? And is this keto drink triggering my addiction?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

I snack when I’m bored!

I’m a “bored” snacker! Any ideas on healthy low-carb snack options?


Lisa, snacking is something we avoid as sugar addicts. First of all, the body needs to rest and reset between meals. Second, it means we think of food the whole time and we have to handle food many times during the day. That in itself is a warning sign for relapse back to sugar.

Recovering from sugar addiction also means looking at eating behavior, not only food itself. You mention “bored”. I suggest that you start gaining tools on how to deal with boredom. Snacking is not a good way to deal with boredom.

Learn more about sugar addiction reading Dr. Vera Tarmans book Food Junkies and welcome to join our support group on Facebook, “Sugarbomb in your brain”, where you can ask for advice on what to do when you are bored instead of eating.

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I am not able to decrease my calories beacause of an earlier habit of overeating. Please give me some advice.


Hi Amit, overeating is a result of long-time sugar addiction. As addicts, it is very important to deal with the illness of addiction.

A great read is Dr Vera Tarman’s book Food Junkies and join our support group on Facebook, “Sugarbomb in your brain”.

There is no easy “quick fix” to this and you probably need a professional to help you develop a food plan and several tools on how to stick to it. Send me an email at, and tell me where you live and I will find a professional somewhere to help you.

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Regarding artificial sweeteners and drinking liquids


I have a problem drinking water. I have adapted to keto by mixing 1 tbsp of coconut cream with liquid sucralose and ½ tsp non-sweetened cocoa. I drink 4 or 5 of these combined with water daily. The coconut cream only has one carb and the cocoa would altogether add up to about 4 carbs daily.

I am wondering if there is anything wrong with this? I have noticed that I have cravings in between meals, so was wondering if it was this drink that could be triggering me. I just don’t like the teas and other things out there so have a difficulty finding a replacement for it.

Hi William, it is very possible that this drink will be a ”trigger food” for you. Try only coconut oil in warm water as a craving stopper between meals. Also try lemon juice to flavor your water. Sweeteners seem to keep our sweet tooth going.



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