Heart Foundation Facebook page in crisis mode after TV show

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This is entertaining. Yesterday an Australian TV-show detailed how saturated fat has nothing to do with heart disease. Today the Australian Heart Foundation’s Facebook page is in damage control mode.

While more and more Australians are getting obese the Heart Foundation is choosing to campaign against salt (of doubtful importance) and collecting industry money for recommending candy for breakfast. They are way behind the times.

Perhaps you can help them wake up.

The Heart Foundation on Facebook


  1. Logan
    Source: http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2013/Sodium-Intake-in-Populations-Assessme...

    "For population subgroups, some studies indicate that low sodium intake may lead to greater risk of adverse health effects in patients who have a diagnosis of moderate or severe congestive heart failure and are receiving certain aggressive therapeutic treatments. The committee found no evidence for benefit and some evidence suggesting risk of adverse health outcomes associated with sodium intake levels in ranges approximately 1,500 to 2,300 mg/day among those with diabetes, kidney disease, or CVD."


    The committee’s report provides additional insight concerning the nation’s efforts to stem the health effects of high dietary sodium intake, based on newer types of studies focused directly on health outcomes. The new studies support current efforts to reduce excessive sodium intake in order to lower risk of heart disease and stroke. However, the evidence on health outcomes is not consistent with efforts that encourage lowering of dietary sodium in the general population to 1,500 mg/day. Further research may shed more light on the association between lower — 1,500 to 2,300 mg—levels of sodium and health outcomes."

    Isn't always nice how they hold fast to their positions? Even though: "the evidence on health outcomes is not consistent with efforts that encourage lowering of dietary sodium in the general population to 1,500 mg/day."

    I think my A-Fib is a direct result of me buying into the less salt is best myth (I was not adding any salt to my home cooked meals and using USDA data, calculated my sodium intake at about 950 mg). The doctors I saw poo-poo'ed that my restrictive diet had any impact on the A-fib, yet I always felt better when I'm not restricting my calories and ate a Baconator from Wendy's.

    I don't eat at Wendy's anymore, but now I'm eating home-cooked high-fat meats like Beef Brisket and Pork Shoulder or Eggs and Salmon and adding a dash of salt to every meal. Slowly losing about 1 lb./week, down about 10 lbs. since July. I stopped going to the gym, just doing stretching and core exercises at home.

  2. eddy
    Jason Fung looks at salt and dispels some myths.


  3. Jan
    'Power to the ordinary people' who are waking up to see what 'rubbish' they are being told.

    What is wrong with eating "real food for your health"

    Take care - keep spreading the good news LCHF

    All the best Jan

  4. bill
    Wish this would happen in the U.S. I want people to be healthier.

    Hope the video goes viral.

  5. JustMeinT
    CRISIS MODE HaHaHa,,,, if you ask too many questions on their FB page that disturb their equilibrium they simply delete all your postings and ban you from further comments...... I would have paid a lot of money to have been a fly on the wall at their (no doubt) emergency board meeting yesterday once they read some of the angry comments from people who had followed their advice to the letter - only to get sicker. Many have promised NEVER to donate to this charity again until they modernise their advice to come in line with current studies showing saturated fat is not evil and carbohydrate intake is partially to blame, plus the seed oil issues which have not as yet been properly addressed.

    Next week in part two.... the cholesterol drugs (statins) will be looked at.... and I feel positive there will also be a backlash against the Cholesterol Theory of Heart Disease --- TAKE A PILL to fix the problem..... Vascular inflammation is NOT caused by too much cholesterol...... I am so looking forward to seeing this second part aired.

  6. Nads
    There was also the ABC Catalyst show on sugar a few weeks ago.


    I have been one of the commenters on the Heart Foundation page. The foods that companies pay the foundation to give their Tick to are disgraceful.

  7. Lori Miller
    Someone should do a Sam Feltham type experiment with salt.
  8. dave riley
    Here's the program (with transcript) that caused the furore:

    And the show's impact on the night (3rd top in the country per vierer numbers) is logged here:

  9. Mark
    The British Heart Foundation isn't any better... see their recommendations for a 'healthy diet':


  10. Jan C
    I've put a comment on the British Heart Foundation Facebook page, which is suspiciously clean of comments about saturated fat. I wonder how long it will stay there.
  11. Zepp
    News frome England!

    "Reducing saturated fat intakes from 12.7% to within the recommended maximum level of 11% of food energy would prevent approximately 2,600 premature deaths each year.

    Reducing saturated fat intakes can lower blood cholesterol which in turn can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

    The food industry has been working voluntarily to reduce saturated fat levels in food for a number of years. The saturated fat reduction pledge provides a mechanism for the food and drink industry to make and record on-going contributions to helping the population meet the recommended maximum intake target.

    The following 13 companies are leading the way, representing quick service restaurants, supermarkets, manufacturers and contract caterers.

    Aldi Stores
    Burton’s Biscuits
    Cricketer Farm
    Mondelez International


    Is it that I have conspiray theories or is this not coruption?

    It make me whant to puke anyhow.. only by reading the sponsors names!

  12. Jo tB
    If you can't get the prorgramme on Sugar from the website, it is also on YouTube:


  13. eddy
    Hi, The above link for toxic sugar is a one minute ad the link below is for the program


  14. jan
    Many of us in Australia have been cheering hugely after the show on ABC1 - part 2 will be on this week. I didn't see any supportive comments on the Australian Heart Foundation site - not in the first 80 or so anyway!
  15. Daci
    HHAHAHA! They sure have egg on their collective faces.
    Shame on them for not having the gonads to leave up critical remarks.
    Cowards, the whole lot of them.
    Can't wait for part 2 and subscribed to the You Tube channel.
  16. Mark "High Fat"
    Don't be scared Heart Foundation, mistakes have been made!!! but please don't keep making them...

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