1. Peggy Holloway
    As we were leaving the lovely French restaurant where we enjoyed our New Year's Eve dinner last night, my partner (retired physician) stopped on the way out and preached low-carb to the couple we had just had dinner with. He takes every opportunity to preach the LCHF message, even standing outside in the 20 degree F cold!
  2. A very Happy 2013 to all! We had a wonderful vacation with our grandchildren to the Rocky Mountains for skiing, and had some incredible hflc meals. We even had the surprise of chef Wolfgang Puck stopping by our table at his Spago restaurant in Beaver Creek, CO. You can eat well hflc easier in some cases at the best of restaurants.

    I'm today beginning my New Year's ten day fast which I like to do a couple times a year to clean out the works, and undo some of the holiday excess--one can over eat even really great hflc food at my age.


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