Great news: Sugar is OK (don’t think so!)

Apparently, it’s now OK to eat sugar. There’s no convincing link between sugar and obesity or other diseases. This according to a new review of the science. Great news!

Springer Link: Sugars, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Disease: Results From Recent Randomized Control Trials

…Except if you look at the fact that this article, and it’s lead author Dr. Rippe, is funded by companies like Pepsi, Coca Cola, the Corn Refiners Association (manufacturing High Fructose Corn Syrup), ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods etc. There might be a little tiny risk of bias involved.

I guess the bottom line is this: Sugar is fine for your health, says the companies trying to keep selling it to you. And their pet scientist Dr. Rippe agrees, while pocketing some more sugar dollars.


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  1. Eric
    How much?
    Time restricted feeding may be the key!
    Eat within 5 or 6 or X consecutive hours
    Ketogenic vs SAD VS Vegan
    Maybe eating window will prove to be more effective for weight. And health?
    Do the study!
    Doctor Panda work at Salk institute may Indicate the effects of what we eat vs how. Much vs what window time restricted feeding
    His free ap might be used to look at macro nutrients vs trf vs calories
  2. Tor H
    One 5 or 6 hour "eating window" a day kinda describes periodic fasting and works wonders.
  3. woonah
    ....and you are making money from being anti sugar. Yes? Do you make money from Dietdoctor as a business? Are you exempt from bias because the other side of the coin has bias? No. Do I believe them? No. Do I believe you? No.

    Unbiased information is a myth.

  4. Tim
    Unbiased information is a myth.

    Sugar is not a food, that's no myth.

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