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We’ve been keeping busy during Paleo f(x) interviewing people. We’ve got short video interviews with Paleo people like Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser and all the usual suspects.

We’ve also got longer sit-down interviews with the fantastic Dr. Terry Wahls (pictured above) and NYT bestselling author Nina Teicholz (The Big Fat Surprise).

These two interviews are not just full of exciting ideas and stories, they also look really great. Carrying an extra bag full of video lights halfway across the world makes all the difference.

So who will get to see these interviews?

Free highlights and membership

We’ll post highlights from all the interviews for free on the blog and on YouTube. The full, longer interviews will be initially available for members (free trial one month).

Of course it would be great to post everything freely available right away, but the videos are not free to produce. For me and our video master Simon Victor to travel across the world and attend conferences and stay at hotels costs money. And it takes days to edit each video – this is what Simon is doing full time now, with a fair salary from the Diet Doctor organization.

We accept no money from the food or pharmaceutical industry. We sell no products or supplements. We accept no ads. All this is for credibility reasons.

We want you to be able to trust that we are only interested in sharing honest knowledge and inspiration, to the benefit of our readers. That’s why we choose to be fully financed by people like you. And yes, it’s working fine.

We already have 7,500 Swedish members (on the Swedish site) and in less than a week since launch 1,200 English-language members have signed up. Every dollar is used in our efforts to help more people revolutionize their health. Our organization is growing like crazy. Together we will accomplish great things.

To all our members – thank you for your amazing support. We’ll make the best use we possibly can of it. And to all who are not yet interested in trying a membership: stick around. Everything that used to be free stays free, forever, and we’ll add more all the time, faster than ever. There are fantastic things to come.


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