Grandfather loses 112 pounds in six months with low carb

Mark Chadbourne

Mark Chadbourne

It’s possible to lose weight while never being hungry, not exercising and eating plenty of tasty food. Just ask Mark Chadbourne. He lost 112 lbs (51 kg) in six months on a low-carb diet.

Burton Mail: Burton Grandfather Loses EIGHT Stone in Six Months So He Can See His Baby Grandson Grow Up

After becoming a grandfather, Chadbourne vowed to lose weight and reverse his diabetes so that he could see his grandson grow up. He found the low-carb diet at, and decided to try it:

I found the low-carb diet and thought it sounded like a good idea. I was not expecting anything from it as nothing had worked.

The weight started coming off me, and I lost half a stone in the first month, and I was never hungry. I made more little changes which started a landslide of weight coming off. I wasn’t doing any exercise with it…

In six months, Mark lost eight stone, but he had to stop as he could no longer afford to keep buying new clothes! He now weighs 14 stone, and hopes to lose another stone in 2017. Following further tests, Mark is also no longer diabetic and is no longer obese.

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