“The human body needs good saturated fats”

What are the top three lies that your doctor might tell you? And do doctors really lie? In this interview I sat down with Dr. Ken Berry, author of Lies my doctor told me, to discuss this and more.

To see more of Ken, make sure to check out his no-nonsense style YouTube channel, where he challenges conventional ideas and “medical topics your doctor doesn’t want to discuss” – including the keto diet.

Watch a part of our interview above (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:
“The human body needs good saturated fats” – with Dr. Ken Berry

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  1. bill
    Dr. E:

    The heading of this post is that grains are not good for humans,
    yet you posted Dr. Sher's discussion with Dr. Antoun who sells
    a product with lots of grains in it. Why couldn't you vet that
    company before you put that podcast out? Have you been to
    the L-Nutra website? Have you read the product ingredients?
    Why are you ignoring this issue?

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