Is Gary Taubes vindicated?


Gary Taubes, one of the true pioneers of LCHF and best-selling author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, was publically ridiculed in 2002 for writing that obesity isn’t about a caloric imbalance, and that fat is not dangerous.

Fourteen years later, Taubes is still somewhat of a heretic. However, slowly but surely, at least some of his ideas are entering the mainstream. Has Taubes even become vindicated? Here’s a new and interesting article on the topic by the man himself, about his experiences:

The Vindicated: ‘Nutrition Heretic’ Gary Taubes on the Long Road Back From a Big, Fat Public Shaming

To insist that obesity is caused by consuming too many calories is as inane as it would be to say that poverty, for instance, is caused by earning too little money. It confuses a description with an explanation and is [a] profoundly inexcusable error.

– Gary Taubes

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  1. Robert
    Gary Taubes - Why this comparison of obesity and poverty? I ´d think any attempt to explain the metabolism with logic with fail. Our metabolism is the result of a long biochemical process based on evolution. We are not - yet? - able to understand its complexity. It is a bio-logical process - not a logical one.
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  2. Gentiann
    I think that you do not get the point.
    Gary Taubes wrote: "to insist that obesity is caused by consuming too many calories is as inane as it would be to say that poverty, for instance, is caused by earning too little money"
    He is not comparing obesity anf poverty....he is comparing 2 statements that, in his view are both senseless. He could have say : flood is caused by having too much water around.......obvious but does not do much to prove the cause.
  3. Thomas
    Taubes explains the energy equation in a number of ways. If obesity is more energy in than energy out then wealth is more money in than money out. It describes a process that is neither cause or effect. The contradiction that is correctly raised by many Calorie sceptics is that the equation doesn't apply to young children who have more energy in than energy out and do not become obese because they grow. Another point is Calories are an obsolete measurement of energy. They don't physically exist in food therefore we cannot consume them or burn them.
    Also, one point that only a few commentators have mentioned is that the first and second laws of Thermodynamics relate to an 'isolated' or closed system. The calorie measurement was created to measure the difference in performance of coal, wood or charcoal in their ability to raise the temperature of water in a boiler. This was in 1824. It wasn't applied to food till just before turn of the century, by an American, and it was never a good fit from the outset. If you've ever seen a diagram of how many functions there are in the human body it is far from 'isolated'
  4. Brian Williams
    And of course the most important point is how the body decides what to do with those calories. If the metabolism is particularly broken it will assume all food not instantly required for energy is converted into fat rather than have some medium-term energy storage as glycogen in the liver. Thus, such people get hungry much quicker than they should. This is like someone who works overtime and saves every penny in the bank, while wearing shabby clothes and living in conditions of poverty even though they have hundreds of thousands in their savings account.

    Eating the wrong things breaks the system. We are not computers working on simple equations.

  5. Bradley
    It was because of the many uTube videos of Gary that I found myself questioning what the H!@# was going on with my own situation...Today I'm 43 pounds lighter, and very happily no longer a type 2 Diabetic!! The very questions that Gary had me asking myself led me down this path...and I'm ecstatic that it did.


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