Food industry involved in trashing “eat fewer carbs” report


The UK National Obesity Forum report “Eat Fat, Cut the Carbs and Avoid Snacking To Reverse Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes” got heavily criticized by Public Health England (PHE).

Now it turned out PHE were working together with an organization with close links to the food industry, including Kellogg and Coca Cola.

Apparently they did not like the suggestion that people should eat less of their high-carb junk foods to avoid obesity…

The Times: Food Firms Linked to Watchdog’s Trashing of ‘Eat Less Carbs’ Report


Is It Any Wonder Big Soda Is Going to Fight This One?

Heinz Recommends Sugary Cookies to Babies for Normal Brain Development


  1. Lori Miller
    If Coca Cola were smart, they'd come out with a naturally sweetened drink.
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  2. Deb
    No one seemed to gain weight off of Cokes and Pepsis back in the "old" days when plain old sugar was used to sweeten the drinks. Everyone I knew back in the 60's and 70's drank them and everyone back then was skinny. An obese child/teenager and adult were an exception and not the rule. Seems like after high fructose corn syrup become the main staple of the food/beverage industry to cut their costs and make more profit, everyone started having weight problems, because it's virtually in everything, even staples, like bread. Corporations were willing to poison the public for profit and the public had no real choice but to play along. They changed the recipe and made that the
    only thing available.
  3. Paul S
    So I have replaced sugar in my Coffee with Butter... wonder how Coca Cola would taste with Butter..?
  4. Apicius
    Only one word comes to mind.......WATER!

    Why such a fuss over creating more concoctions?!

  5. Tor H
    Not sure that woruld help much.
    Artifical sweeteners, even stevia raises the insulin as much as sugar, but it lasts longer:

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