Fixing Dad – a new movie about reversing diabetes

Diabetes type 2 is a reversible disease, and here’s a new movie about it. It stars Geoff, who was overweight and resigned to a premature death, his diabetes was so bad that he would soon have to start amputating his feet.

Then his sons decided that they needed to save him, and they made a documentary about it, featuring among others Dr. Aseem Malhotra. It all starts with changing their father’s diet, getting rid of bad carbs. He also changes his lifestyle in several other ways. The results are pretty fantastic.

This is a movie for anyone with a relative who is obese or diabetic, heading for an early grave. It shows what is possible.

Watch the movie online on Vimeo


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  1. bill
    Might be a great movie, but with their
    thick accents, I couldn't understand a
    word of it. (smiley face here)
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  3. Juliet
    This sounds amazing... Are you looking to add it to the movies in the membership section here?

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