Feast without fear – on real food


Real Christmas food. Avoid the bread for bonus points.

I wish I wrote this: Feast Without Fear – on Real Food

“How much will we eat? As much as we want, no more, no less.” 

That’s exactly the way I’m thinking, whether it’s Christmas time or not. Counting calories isn’t necessary when eating real food. Mind the quality and the quantity will take care of itself.


  1. mezzo
    I couldn't agree more. That is what is so liberating about this WOE.
  2. Justin B
    That exact thing happened on Thanksgiving. I was at my grandmother's house, and I filled up on chicken. I had about 3 or 4 large pieces, and that was all I could stuff in me. Everybody kept saying "You haven't eaten anything! Are you sure you're full?"
  3. Maggan A
    haha now I realise why I always feel so full after christmasdinner - it is all the fat in the food :-)
  4. Steve
    This past Thanksgiving I decided to take the day off from my LCHF ways. I wasn't feeling to well by bed time and woke up feeling like I was about to be sick! It was a real shock how my body reacted after going without those foods for so long.

    I will be giving second and third thoughts to anything I eat this Christmas for sure.

  5. Milton
    @Steve, for years I dealt with stomach issues that I assumed were unavoidable. They went away when I stopped eating sweets and grains and cut down on starchy carbs and started eating healthier. These days I rarely have any stomach problems unless I happen to eat too many sweets. And if there's anything I've learned over the years, it's really really easy to eat too many sweets!

    As for holiday feasts, I always feel full at those because I stuff myself. :)

  6. Meghan
    I'm approaching my first LCHF Christmas! Fortunately we're the hosts this year (we have a list), and it happened to fall to my side of the family this year. We have about 30 people with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. So, I'm cooking the Turkey, covered with Bacon of course :)! And although mashed potatoes are a must--I at least get to control the gravy! I will use arrowroot powder to thicken it, but I'll eat it myself very sparingly. The only temptation I can foresee is my Aunt's homemade fudge and caramels, but the idea of downing one of those makes me feel a bit ill just thinking about it.

    I noticed yesterday that after 6 weeks of eating LCHF, my "sweet tooth" is quite a bit more sensitized. I've used some splenda, but very little since I've started, and nothing at all for a couple of weeks. I had a smoothie using raw milk yogurt, some milk, and a handful of berries, and it tasted quite sweet! In the past I would have had to use some sort of sweetener (honey before, splenda even in recent weeks), but I think the milk and frozen berries were enough.

  7. Diane
    At my husband's company Christmas party I ate about 2000 calories of prime rib, turkey, salad, wine and even some dessert (chocolate mousse). I went down a belt hole the following week. Then came two holiday potlucks on the same day. I did the same at each, pigging out on the good stuff. I lost an inch on my waist the following week. I had my own department holiday lunch this week. I put pats of butter on my ham and turkey. Still no weight gain. I'm going to feast my way through these holidays, thank you very much.

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