FDA moves to retract soy health claims


Is soy heart healthy? That’s highly doubtful according to the FDA, which is moving to retract a health claim implying that.

For what reason? Because the evidence is too inconsistent. The only reason soy was considered possibly healthy is that it tends to lower cholesterol. But we now know that many things lower cholesterol without improving your health.

Our review of that evidence has led us to conclude that the relationship between soy protein and heart disease does not meet the rigorous standard for an FDA-authorized health claim.

CNN: FDA moves to revoke soy health claim


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  1. Mark
    The funny thing is that the American Heart Association was pushing for this retraction a couple years ago BEFORE they took Bayer LibertyLink (GMO SOY) money last year leading to their recent propaganda campaign against coconut oil. Be careful for what you wish for, I say. :D

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