Interview with low-carb doctor David Unwin

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Dr. David Unwin has been treating patients in the UK using low-carb diets for a long time. How did he become interested in low carb in the first place? What happens when his patients make the switch to a low-carb lifestyle?

Check out this interesting interview by Ivor Cummins:

The Fat Emperor: Dr. David Unwin at the Big Fat Fix Premiere Event London

Dr. Unwin is a doctor on the forefront of using low-carb diets in treating disease and is an important member of Sam Feltham’s Public Health Collaboration.

He tells the story of how he learned about low-carb diets in the first place. Instead of screaming at his patients for embarking on a “dangerous” low-carb diet, Dr. Unwin looked at the results (e.g. losing weight effortlessly and keeping it off, reversing diabetes) and became interested in why they were so great. He became convinced by his patients’ results.

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Video with Ivor Cummins

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