Fat blocking Pepsi and other silliness

Pepsi special

Have you seen the reports on the new “Pepsi Special”, about to go on sale in Japan? It’s marketed as a “fat blocker” and according to the TV-commercials you can now eat all the junk food you want – as long as you drink the Pepsi.

Pepsi apparently believes that Japanese consumers are gullible.

The new additive in this Pepsi is dextrin, a soluble fiber. Added fiber in soda can in the best case scenario result in marginally increased satiety (if you trust the processed food-industry’s investigations), increase bloating and slow absorption of nutrients somewhat. It’s like putting filters on cigarettes.

A fiber-Pepsi hardly protects you from obeity at McDonalds better than sprinkling some sawdust over your french fries. The difference is marginal (if it’s even noticable). Filters on cigarettes didn’t stop them from giving people lung cancer either.


  1. Tom O
    Interesting. Having lived in Japan, this doesn't come as a surprise. They believe a lot of crazy stuff!
  2. Paul
    So, they're trying to decrease fat absorption by adding soluble fiber. More carbs, more carbs, more carbs. Maybe they should try to add bacon fat! LOL! It's right up there with replacing sugar in your coffee with an artificial sweetener so that you can have a big piece of pie.
  3. To many people believe that the government is looking out for consumers, not the governments funding interests. Follow the money to get the truth.
  4. paleozeta
    scary fat......
  5. Margaretrc
    Thanks, but I'd rather keep the fat and ditch the sugar. No fat blocking Pepsi for me. Ugh! Bet it comes to this country sooner rather than later.
  6. JAUS
    Choose sucralose as sweetener if you can't live without soda. It's most likely the safest sweetener of them all even though it's artificial. Just watch out for powder varants of sucralose that may have maltodrextrin (sugar) mix in it.
  7. This is really silly! Fat blocker? Unbelievable...
  8. mezzo
    Yes it is silly. But what about the customer? Aren't they stupid too? Those who believe in fat-blockers, carb-blockers or other miracle stuff should maybe maybe start to think for themselves.
  9. Danielle

    I came across this advertisement and it made my jaw drop. It's "never soon enough" to get your baby started drinking cola!

  10. Kurt
    The Japanese would believe anything that has a semblance of scientific studies behind it, even if those studies are a bit shady. This new Pepsi is like false hopes in a bottle.

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  11. It's really amazing that people are even making such advertisements to sell their products. Pepsi and similar products are compared to toilet cleaner by many here in India.

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  12. Sunny
    It seems very interesting. Now we can have a pepsi to loose fat as well.


  13. sharifts
    thanks for your posts , and sharing your knowledge .


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