“The extra energy I have has allowed me to do things that I have never ever done”


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I plan to go on with the program. I have already become a member and I am loving your site. I watch videos and interviews every day.


Dear Diet Doctor!

I have been living the LCHF diet for 2 weeks and I’m shocked at how great I feel. The extra energy I have has allowed me to do things that I have never ever done – I biked 54 km (34 miles) since the first of June on my bike!!!!! The question I have is that although I am clearly losing inches – the scale is not moving!! At first, I lost 11 lbs (5 kg) but then started biking and the weight has come back on the scale. I’m not completely panicked, but my partner isn’t exercising and he has lost 20 lbs (9 kg) already in the same period!!

Do you understand this?

Thank you!

I thought it was great. It was a lot of food until I noticed that I hadn’t changed the portions from 4 to 2. I enjoyed making the meals because they were so easy to put together and especially tasted foods I never had before, like cabbage. I never went hungry and couldn’t wait to make the next meal. I lost 5 lbs (2 kg) the first week and will continue to stay on this diet plan. The biggest surprise to me is that I didn’t know eating healthy could be so delicious and fun! Thanks for creating this plan.


My feedback on the Diet Doctor low-carb challenge:

I have been doing low carb for quite some time, but really ‘fell off the wagon’ a few months ago! It was probably pure laziness and just no self-control! I gained 3 kg, fortunately not that much, but realized very soon that I was falling back into my old lifestyle of carbs and more carbs. I needed some motivation to get back in it, and this meal plan came at exactly the right time!

Thank you for the simple ingredients and easy recipes (although I did replace the salmon with hake, as salmon is quite expensive in SA!). Lots of the low-carb meal plans focus on expensive ingredients and makes it hard for an ordinary mom to follow! I have only been on your meal plan for 4 days – I started a bit later than planned – and have definitely already lost weight. I do have some headaches, but I knew to expect it and actually do not feel all that hungry! Thank you for the effort and heart behind it, is is such a helpful tool!



I really enjoyed the two-week challenge and have joined as a member. Thank you and your team for inspiring me!

All the best in health,

Hi there,

You and your site have made me a very happy lady. I have just been diagnosed with having type 2 diabetes and have been feeling dreadful for the last 12 months. I have done your challenge and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very easy to stick with and most of all, my husband is enjoying the night meals which makes it very easy. I am in to the 3rd week and have gone through all the recipes and have week 3 and 4 planned.

Thank you this is a wonderful site and thank god my friend put me onto it.

I would recommend it to anybody that needs to change their way eating.

Wonderful thank you,

I am amazed at how easy it was to do and I was never hungry between meals. I didn’t crave chocolate as I normally would and because I saw my weight going down when I stepped on the scales it encouraged me to keep going. I liked the email everyday as well. I am continuing to eat this way.


This challenge was very satisfying for me. I actually enjoyed most of the foods (I DO NOT LIKE FISH IN ANY FORM). I lost 6 lbs (3 kg). I intend to stay in this phase for another week before I signed up for the program. I have recommended this program to my friends and colleagues. Great diet!


My husband and I gave it 100% for the 2-week challenge. I did notice we were much fuller than usual and didn’t need to snack but we did feel very gross after almost every meal. We had very harsh bowel symptoms as well and that was definitely the worst.

I was craving leaner meats and way more veggies.


So far, I think it is wonderful! As a vegetarian, I’m not able to use some of your entrees, but I love all of the ideas. I’ve found that low-carb (keto mostly) and intermittent fasting together seem to work well for me. It is wonderful to not be hungry all of the time and so far, have been successful with using both of these tools together. Thank you for your website and emails, I find they help to keep my mindful.


A co-worker sent me the link to your site, and I watched a couple videos, and the more I watched, and learned, the madder I got. I’ve been struggling with my weight my entire life and never did I hear, cut out carbs and let the body burn fat instead, not once. I was skeptical that I could give up pasta and soda, but I worked up to that so I could finally go without it.

It’s only been a week, but was a little rough. I didn’t really feel all that great adjusting last week, but I pushed through it, and I’m so glad I did. Despite opposition from a few friends and even my doctor (that is concerned about my cholesterol rising) I’ve lost 20 pounds (9 kg) in the first week. I know that loss rate won’t continue, but what a great motivator for the first week. So, I’ll continue with what I’m doing. Thank you so much!


I loved it not every recipe was my fave but they were all good and easy. Didn’t love the mayo recipe. Lol. I lost 9 pounds (4 kg) and I had a couple of glasses of red wine and ate out once. All in all, its the first way of eating I feel good not hungry and healthy. I believe I can reach my goal and maintain it.

Thank you,

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