Experts: Calories are NOT all equal


Is a calorie from soda equal to a calorie from olive oil? Certainly not, and many experts now agree:

TIME: You Asked: Are All Calories Created Equal?

If calorie counting would have been the answer, then low-fat foods would have been helpful in keeping diabetes, obesity and other modern diseases at bay. Instead they’ve failed miserably.

Swapping healthy fats such as fish, eggs and olive oil for low-fat, low-calorie foods is simply a mistake. Healthy foods with natural fats not only give us plenty of nutrients, they also keep us satisfied (which low-fat yoghurt and cereal never will).

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  1. Jonny
    Idk, even with the whole low fat craze of the 80s many studies have shown that people didn't actually decrease fat intake, they just increased carb consumption, and therefore increased calorie consumption. So, to say that low fat foods are the reason obesity is so rampant seems pretty inaccurate.

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