Should you eat everything in moderation?

What’s the point of low carb, shouldn’t we all just try to eat everything in moderation? Watch a segment of the video above, where Dr. Sarah Hallberg answers (transcript).

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Everything in Moderation – Doctors Answer Common Questions

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Low carb for beginners

  1. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Cate Shanahan and Dr. Peter Brukner


  1. Marcia Rhodes
    What does this do to my cholesterol. My last test was 220.
    My Dr. put me on Meds for it. I can not take the Meds because of the side effects. So I am off Meds and trying to lower my Cholesterol. Will this diet make my cholesterol go up even more?
  2. Thomas
    Too much emphasis is put on cholesterol relative to CVD. Wouldn't worry too much about it.
  3. Barb
    Too bad most doctors are in the pocket of the Insurance and Drug companies and are all about pushing pills. ie., 'medicine'.


    Too bad there aren't more doctors who will back off and listen to the patient, thereby figuring out old, tried and true remedies.

    Luckily, I've had doctors that take a 'natural' approach to 'prescription'.

    I currently take Niacin for my cholesterol (make sure you get the non-flush kind) and Vit D3 (which, it turns out, is better for calcium/bone growth than any form of Calcium currently on the market).

    If you don't have an 'herbal' remedy type book available, go to your library and check one out. Look up the problems you have, and see what you can take that will replace the drug(s) you've been prescribed.

    Then, (if you don't feel confident in figuring out dosage, etc), make an appt with your doctor and tell your doctor that he/she can write all the prescriptions in the world, but that you REFUSE to take their drugs. You've researched the issue(s), and have found that you can take *** whatever herb, vitamin, etc ***, and would he/she help you figure out the dosage.

    Bottom line is that this LCHF does bring down your cholesterol. Many years ago, when Atkins became the 'diet of choice', I attempted it, and my cholesterol dropped to somewhere between 165 and 190 (been so long, I don't actually remember), and I normally run between 230 and 250. I'm excited to see what it will do this time!

    Hope this helps.

    Reply: #11
  4. Pavlina
    I have been en keto diet for 3 months. My cholesterol is growing up 280 total . I feel good, more energy, but i dont know how to go on. I was making intermediate fasting 16-20H. What will recomend me.
  5. Dee Lucas
    What I want to learn is how much to each? How many ounces of meat, fish, chicken per meal? How much vegetables, fruit and nuts? This is my problem of overeating and being obese.
    Reply: #6
  6. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    What I want to learn is how much to each? How many ounces of meat, fish, chicken per meal? How much vegetables, fruit and nuts? This is my problem of overeating and being obese.

    That is going to vary from person to person. The important thing is keeping carbs as low as possible and keeping fats high. Fat tends to be filling and self limiting. Try our free 2 week challenge if you'd like help with meal plans and shopping lists!

  7. Caroline
    Hi I have reflux and have been told to avoid fats in the diet and dairy. Thoughts please??
    Reply: #8
  8. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Hi I have reflux and have been told to avoid fats in the diet and dairy. Thoughts please??

  9. Gabriella
    Hi, I’ve being doing the 2 week Keto challenge and just finished my first week.... I’ve put on 1kg!!! What do I do??
    Reply: #10
  10. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Just stay the course! Make sure to double check ingredients for no added sugars.

    You can find some other tips here that may help out.

  11. Kelly
    The statement that "most doctors are in the pockets of the insurance and drug companies" is a very uneducated and harmful statement. The insurance companies also could care less what doctors prescribe. Insurance companies actually work against physicians making them see fewer patients for fewer dollars and paying them less and less for common life saving treatments, counseling and technologies all while the insurance companies make billions and the CEOs make 50 million a year. The average family doc isnt getting rich! Physicians get zero dollars from the drug companies for prescribing certain medications and that is a fact. It is also a fact that we as physicians are absolutely overwhelmed trying to take care of our thousands of patients who refuse to help themselves. They despite our advice, coaching, encouraging etc etc keep smoking, drinking, eating badly, not exercising etc etc. The list goes on. Dont blame doctors, take better care of yourself. Doctors are doing the best they can with the public health epidemic that is on hand with obesity and its health consequences.
  12. Evelyn
    Way to go Dr. Kelly. I have worked as a FD office Nurse for a number of years and see how overworked they oare. I have also seen patients who don't follow advice. However I have seen many who do and have been helped greatly by the excellent care they have received. Thank you for your care.
  13. Bruce
    This video is kind of silly. Everything in moderation can be fine for a lot of people if they don't overeat and balance their diet appropriately. My father ate a little of everything, even sugary desserts, but he didn't eat much of it. He lived to a ripe old age, slim and healthy to the end.

    Also, why is Sarah Hallberg saying ridiculous statements such as "people are carbohydrate intolerant?" Only people with glucose/insulin intolerance are CHO intolerant. There are millions of people worldwide doing just fine on a high carb diet as long as they don't get overweight. That doesn't include people in this group who are mostly overweight, diabetic, hyperinsulinemic, or insulin resistant.

    You come as as extremists by making such statements.

    Reply: #14
  14. Joy
    I thought the same thing. Lactose intolerance is not the same as not eating carbohydrates. Sure, it’s like gluten intolerance, or I know someone allergic to fructose, but to make a blanket statement that our bodies don’t need carbs at all seems cultish. (Why would we have gluconeogenesis if we don’t need sugars?) I’ve done keto two years and my athletic performance is better when I carb cycle. I still do keto. I still fast. But I also use carbs when I’m training. It’s all about what works for your body. Even my gluten sensitive friends who eat fruit and legumes are healthy, so you can’t paint all carbs with the same brush. This video kind of made me question the info on the site.

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