Should You Eat Everything in Moderation?

What’s the point of low carb, shouldn’t we all just try to eat everything in moderation? Watch a segment of the video above, where Dr. Sarah Hallberg answers (transcript).

The full video – with answers from five more top low-carb doctors1 – is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Everything in Moderation – Doctors Answer Common Questions

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Low Carb for Beginners

  1. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Cate Shanahan and Dr. Peter Brukner


  1. Marcia Rhodes
    What does this do to my cholesterol. My last test was 220.
    My Dr. put me on Meds for it. I can not take the Meds because of the side effects. So I am off Meds and trying to lower my Cholesterol. Will this diet make my cholesterol go up even more?
  2. Thomas
    Too much emphasis is put on cholesterol relative to CVD. Wouldn't worry too much about it.

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