Everybody loves Gary Taubes


This has never happened before: After one hundred votes my interview with Gary Taubes has one hundred percent likes on YouTube.

Nobody dislikes Gary, yet.

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  1. Blair
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  1. David Tromholt
    Well deserved!

    A bit surprising considering the amount of dummies that talk on youtube, but hey perhaps people are getting smarter ;-)

  2. Linda
    I think the tide is turning, very slowly, but turning.
  3. Blair
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  4. John
    Don't show the video to CarbSane! hehe
  5. Jerry
    Carbsane throwing a fit in 3...2...1...
  6. Andrew
    I think Durian Rider must be on Vacation or perhaps he ate a bad banana !
  7. moreporkplease
    Agree with Jerry. Once CarbSane, Taubes' stalker, finds out about this blog, all the crazy will break loose and she'll write the Swedish authorities that Andreas is a danger to his patients. Then she'll report the video 1,000 times to Youtube under different aliases.
  8. It's a great video. Gary is a great guy. You are a great interviewer. What's not to like? :P


  9. Maggan A

    The swedish "authorities" already know Andreas and his blog. I dare to say that if they would try to stop him hell breaks loose. I can "see" the headlines in the papers... anyone with any sort of selfperserveans leave the Doc to his business. Anything else would be suizide ;-)

  10. I'm currently reading The Diet Delusion - like everyone else, I think GT is amazing.

    What do people think about this from the What Doctors Don't Tell you site today: 'Statins are killers and cause major artery damage, say researchers'? There's a short description on the site. (Source: Diabetes Care, 2012; epublished ahead of print: PMID: 22875226).


  11. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I know. ;)
  12. HighlySkeptical
  13. Mike
    Since you posted this, Andreas, eleven people have decided to "dislike" it. They may well be stalkers of your blog! However, the number of people who like it has more than doubled.

    I guess the numbers probably don't tell us a lot either way, although they may indicate a trend, but it's a good interview in any case.

    How about some interviews with fellow Swedes, so the rest of us know what you're thinking?

    Also, how about asking Michael Eades or Cate Shanahan or Jack Kruse?

  14. Gary was instrumental in arranging the recognition for Gene Fine's study of low-carb diets in cancer in the Washington DC meeting as described in my last blogpost at http://wp.me/16vK0. Gary said to me that it is hard recognize a tipping point when you are in the middle of it but I think this is the game-changer. It is the game-changer in the science, there is the continuum between low-carb studies and cell biology. The nutrition world will still bop along with whatever they are doing and the end-users and bloggers can help bring them around but we are now in a situation where real science will get done. I don't know about love, but Gary done good.
  15. Erik
    I'm glad that there was a video from the panel discussion. Very intriguing.

    A link for those interested.


  16. Wade Henderson
    I've got to say, at min 28:00 Gary tries to answer the Asian question. Where Asian populations, eat lots of rice (not the new wealthy cities), meaning carbs, and don't get fat and don't get diabetes for the most part.

    Anyway, from 28:00 to about 30:10 he throws out a couple theories. Very weak.
    I'm actually surprised he doesn't have a well thought out position on this contradiction.
    When I've seen it discussed here, some posters seem to think they've got figured out, but apparently Gary is not one of them.
    Very disappointing answers. Really no answer, just a couple guesses he throws out, then moves on with a poor comparison to lung cancer.

    Give those couple minutes a look.

  17. Zepp
    Wade this is not any contradiction.. becuse even Asians know.. that those hove eat much rise do have more diabetes!
  18. Wade Henderson
    Zepp, sure, Asians who eat too much and get fat, do get more diabetes. However the issue Gary was addressing in the interview was about all the Asians who stay slender and avoid diabetes and whose primary caloric intake is from rice and other carbs. In other words, they are on a high carb diet.
    Listen to minutes 28:00 through 30:20 and he really falls short on any science based facts as to why they are healthy eating so great a portion of their diet from carbs.
    He seems to just be throwing out a few "perhaps" and "possibilities" without anything to back it up.
  19. Zepp
    Wade, I think we have discussing this topic befor?

    Asians do get diabetes.. and it seems that they are more sensitive to rise then westerners, anyhow!

    "Results Four articles were identified that included seven distinct prospective cohort analyses in Asian and Western populations for this study. A total of 13284 incident cases of type 2 diabetes were ascertained among 352384 participants with follow-up periods ranging from 4 to 22 years. Asian (Chinese and Japanese) populations had much higher white rice consumption levels than did Western populations (average intake levels were three to four servings/day versus one to two servings/week). The pooled relative risk was 1.55 (95% confidence interval 1.20 to 2.01) comparing the highest with the lowest category of white rice intake in Asian populations, whereas the corresponding relative risk was 1.12 (0.94 to 1.33) in Western populations (P for interaction=0.038). In the total population, the dose-response meta-analysis indicated that for each serving per day increment of white rice intake, the relative risk of type 2 diabetes was 1.11 (1.08 to 1.14) (P for linear trend<0.001).

    Conclusion Higher consumption of white rice is associated with a significantly increased risk of type 2 diabetes, especially in Asian (Chinese and Japanese) populations."


    But I dont realy think so anyway, its probably about other nutrients to!

    I do think its more about incidens.. you know, sweds did live on a high carb diet for som generations to.. without obesity and diabetes!

    But then.. for say hundred years ago it was about to get enough energy to survive, and I say its about that to in almoste other poor country.

    So if one do burns all carbs, then you probably dont get that problems.. becuse then there are always place to store the glucose.. rather the cells sucks it up without a lot of insulin trying to push it in!

    And then.. if your cells already is full of glucose, then your body do increase the insulin level to store in other places!

    I dont realy know, but I know that one can live on a high carb diet to.. and thrive on that!

    But I think this is not the question.. it is why is the obesety and diabetes goes up to an epedemic level in modern societys!

    And like the question that Gary get, I give you one to sort out;

    In our societys there is a lot of persons, that eat a lot of junkfood, drinking alkohol and using tobaco.. and howe are healty and get a high age befor they die of natural causes?

    Explain that if you can!

    I say its about incidens!

    "Incidence is a measure of the risk of developing some new condition within a specified period of time."


    A risk is a risk, not an obligatory outcome.

    If one alter some parameters, more peopel get an higher risk to develop an perticaly disease, but not everybody do get it.

    Some peopel are more sensitive to an alterd parameter.. like an high glycemic load for instans.. there is an great genetic compound in diabets you know.

  20. Ondrej
    How could Taubes possibly answer the Asian question? Low Carb works through caloric restriction in overall, that's it. You can achieve the same results with rice. People who track their calories and eat tons of rice and potatoes are among the leanest... find "Leangains"... people with ridiculously low bodyfat levels, strong as hell, on relatively high carb diet. It's just that lowcarb is one of the ways for the average Joe to lose some weight. What is LCHF? Who defines it? Triathlete Sisson with his carbohydrate curve?:-) Come on...it's just diet romanticism...there are many ways to skin the cat. And why should some arbitrary list of foods should be helathier than any other foods? Our ancestors ate completely different things than salmon with broccoli and steak was really rare for them. But they never made any food choices based on food lists. There never was only one diet with such a narrow list.

    I recommend this article about problems with Paleo science, written on primal blog.

  21. Sophie
    I love that comment Ondrej. I am starting to think we "romanticize" diet and weight loss while the processes of digestion and metabolism are still greatly misunderstood.

    In the end it's up to each and everyone of us to find what works with our tastes, beliefs, physical characteristics and so on.

  22. Wade Henderson
    I agree Sophie, you have to find what works for your own mental and physical makeup.

    I come here to DietDoctor.com and I equally visit http://www.drmcdougall.com/forums/index.php
    The site and especially the discussion board.

    I tell you, its amazing. Like two sides of the same coin. Like two different religions.
    True believers all armed with studies and the ancient history of man.
    Each ending up feet deeply embedded in cement.

    But thats what I like, getting both perspectives.
    I would say that DietDoctor.com allows for more controversy. Oh everyone may disagree with a point, but they don't censor you and kick you out as they do on some of those other sites.

    I enjoy DietDoctor videos.

    Its all great. Everyone should be very skeptical of everything when it comes to diet.
    I must say though, those that go to the extremes, I wonder how their brains operate.
    Its one thing to cut way back on carbs, but to load up on bacon, butter and the like, seems equally bizarre. Even the Paleo people didn't have access to sticks of butter.

    I appreciate this site. I do have trouble with Taubes overly simple explanations about those many Asians who live mostly on carbs.
    Still, I'm sure there are many people who do well in the near term on LCHF, certainly during the weight loss phase.
    Three years, five years, 20 years out, I am not at all sure how healthy LCHF is.

  23. Nemo
    This mirrors certain aspects of the Evolution v Creation debate; because you cant explain every single aspect of your theory yet we shall disregard the whole body of evidence that supports it.

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