1. mezzo
    Words fail me.
  2. Does it come with a debate feature? I'd be arguing with it, looking like a crazy lady, if done in public anyway. Ha ha!
  3. hell-i
    House trained by Steve Jobs, I'd say ... very unfortunate.
  4. FrankG
    Isn't that a Monty Python quote from The Meaning of Life?

    My son has the new 4s with this feature and I'd say: even though it is still in beta, it is seriously cool! ;-)

  5. eddie watts
    as FrankG says that is actually the punch line to the film "The meaning of life" by Monty Python

    i still find it annoying that the low fat brain washing managed to make it into a comedy cult classic though

  6. Gary G
    Low fat brain has even polluted The Diskworld. Samuel Vimes' wife has forbidden him bacon and has him heating healthy fruit and grains. It is so sad that Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's. I hope he didn't get it from eating a lot of carbs.
  7. Tom
    I wonder if Steve Jobs' demise was hastened by his veganism.
  8. Kathryn
    His personal friend and physician was Dr. Dean Ornish.


  9. Peggy Holloway
    Well, Kathryn, that says it all.
  10. Jay Wortman MD
    Dr. Dean Ornish was his good friend?! I read recently that when Jobs was diagnosed he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer that was potentially curable through surgery. Apparently, he rejected that advice and chose to follow a "special diet" instead. After six months on the diet, he then opted for conventional treatment but by then the disease had progressed and the rest is history. I wonder now what was that special diet and who advised him to try this very foolhardy course of action.
  11. Galina L
    Did the the image of an apple on the Apple icon has anything to do with the Steve Jobs vegetarianism? I just don't know.
    Also Dr. Ornish has been advising Bill Clinton. So far Mr.Clinton went through the by-pass surgery and looks horrible right now, after making his diet even more ornishy.
  12. According to Internet mythology the name Apple was actually a result of Jobs food preference:

    "According to the story, at the time when the company Apple was founded, he was on an all-fruit diet. He threatened to call the company “Apple Computers” unless someone suggested a more interesting name by five o’ clock that day."

    Read moore here:

  13. Sci-Fiddy
    Love the blog, Doc, but in this case its the British that own the quote


  14. Stephen S.
    @Sci-Fiddy: Indeed but given that it's a 1983 film then the good doctor's comment about the quote belonging on a 1984 mac is spot on!
  15. moreporkplease
    As a former resident of Palo Alto, let me say that Steve Jobs lived surprisingly like a normal person. He was often seen walking around town in a normal way; we neighbors usually saw him holding hands with his wife, whom he adored, as they strolled in the local park. No bodyguards or anything.

    His wife is a strong personality, an entrepreneur in her own right, and she was apparently the only person on earth who not afraid to tell him No. :) It was she who insisted they live in a fairly normal-sized house, have a normal Mercedes 4-door family car, and taught their children to live like real people, not spoiled rich kids.

    He was not a vegan - he wore leather shoes and jackets, and loved sushi. He had a favorite sushi restaurant where he and his family often ate. So he was really a pescatarian.

    It is true that Ornish was his personal confidante and health advisor. The "special diet" he briefly tried was basically a macrobiotic-type diet. He studied meditation to control his stress and adopted vegetable gardening as a hobby, also for stress. These are all things most mainstream doctors would tell a cancer patient to do - eat low-fat and avoid stress.

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