Eggs & bacon at the obesity conference


Here is the breakfast buffet at the ASBP obesity conference. Nice eh? Eggs & bacon were served every morning, making sure that all the doctors got a good and nutritious start to the day.

Of course there was also generous amounts of holy fruit:



  1. That's great they served proper food! I wondered whether it might all be low fat processed junk!
  2. Tom
    Since it's U.S. hotel food, those eggs were scrambled in partially-hydrogenated fat.
  3. Yo
    And probably contain a generous amount of wheat flour.
  4. Galina L
    I can't believe it, but it looks like there is no display of breakfast cereals! How did that happen?
    Probably, you just didn't take a picture of the area where they serve cereals, whole-grain tosts , jams and low-fat milk.
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    There were really not a lot of bad carbs at the conference. They even served cream (only cream it seemed) with the coffee.

    There are a lot of low carbers in the ASBP.

  6. Milton
    Those photos make it seem as if the eggs and bacon got a lot more attention than the fruit! I don't mind fruit, but give me eggs and bacon any old time of the day. It's certainly possible (even likely) that there's some vegetable oil, margarine, and perhaps flour involved, but dang people... IT'S BACON AND EGGS!!! It's like nature's perfect meal in every way.
  7. I'm noticing more and more nutritional experts and medical professionals who are very much aware of the harms of grains and carbs for themselves, even though they generally won't actually be seen speaking up about them in public.
  8. Janknitz
    Bacon???? And nobody ran screaming from the room fearing that they'd catch cholesterol????


  9. Galina L
    Some people tell me that the benefits I am having from LC may possibly come from the elimination of the wheat. There is a reasonable guess. However, I feel my best in ketosis, I understand it is not the perfect state.
    Even though majority thinks LC is an extreme diet, elimination of grains and reduction of sugar goes mainstream. It is a good news!
  10. deb b
    Better than your International Obesity Society lunch, at least! I bring a hot pot when I travel and hard boil my own. I know what I'm getting and it saves a lot of time and $.
  11. Alicia k
    Found you through my Swedish friend Liz. Very interesting. And I had breakfasts like this one last week while Liz was here. Wasn't too hungry the rest of the day & felt great! Thanks!
  12. Mike Ellwood
    The thing is, bacon (much as I love, and occasionally eat, it) isn't necessarily all that healthy is it? If it's cured with nitrites and sugar, and (depending on how the pig was raised) if it's brimming with omega-6's.

    Now my breakfast of choice would be steak and eggs (with a bit of lightly-done liver). From grass-fed beef ideally, with as much fat as possible and done rare.
    A meal fit for a king :-) (or a meal for a fit king :-) ).

  13. Looks like they served best food for the people’s .The most important thing about any diet plan is to keep your caloric intake below the amount of calories you burn.
  14. Funderaren
    HCG, and how many calories do I burn?
  15. Galina L.
    You can't micromanage your body. Since it is impossible to count how body uses calories, it is impossible to follow your advice. I know the only way for my body to want to eat less - avoiding carbohydrates
  16. Dominick Kelly
    @ Mike Elwood
    The fact is, most nitrate we consume comes from vegetables. Nitrate we consume coverts to nitrite in our body, which is a anti-microbial agent in our guts. Sodium nitrite in bacon cures the bacon & then converts to nitric oxide, so, while I’m not chemist, I have heard others suggest that you’re not actually consuming any nitrite by the time the bacon gets to you. Again, almost all the nitrate and nitrite in your body comes from veggies. It’s an anti-oxidant. Studies are coming out now saying it’s good for the heart.
  17. pj
    The quality of food at places like hotels for conferences is VERY poor, Worth passing on breakfast and Lunch before finding a properly prepared dinner.

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