Should you eat slow carbs to feed your gut bacteria?

Should you eat slow carbs to feed your gut bacteria? It’s a controversial topic, especially at a low-carb conference.

This did not stop the star of the BBC show Doctor in the House, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. In this presentation from Low Carb Vail he discusses the differences between low carb and slow carb. And what the microbiome could do for our health.

Watch a new highlight from the presentation above (transcript). If you have some time to spare the full presentation (with captions and transcript), is available for free here:

Low Carb, Slow Carb and the Microbiome – Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

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  1. Nadine
    Thank you for putting more emphasis on what Dr.Chattergee has to say. The last 10 minutes of his presentation is very profound and would be nice if even the free members could hear what he has to say. After going ultra low carb for 2 years I reintroduced potatoes and rice to my diet with no ill effects and the weight did not come rushing back and IBS symptoms are subsiding and I find the diet way more satisfying.
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  2. Chris
    For me too. A bit of rice and some potatoes had no ill effects. There's definitely more to it than "all carbs".

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