Should you eat more butter, cream and coconut oil?


There’s no need to avoid butter, cream and coconut oil. In fact, saturated fat that comes from non-processed foods can be a part of a healthy diet. That’s the conclusion of a new article in Women’s Health Magazine.

If you want to lose weight and improve your health, it’s much more effective to focus on removing carbs from your diet.

[Dr. David] Ludwig claims we should eat more fat in general and far fewer processed carbs for our health and waistlines. “When you consider white bread and butter, the bread is the less healthful component,” he says.

Women’s Health Magazine: Should you really start eating more saturated fat?



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  1. Rhonda
    What's the thing with replacing olive oil with avacado oil and that lard is making a come back?
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  2. Lori
    I think they all are a good choice, not replacing one for another, personal preference and application are key to which one you are using.
  3. Bobbie
    I don't have a stove, only microwave and electric skillet any recipes that follow in this situation besides salads and scrambled eggs?
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  4. Kelley
    I enjoy ground beef and shredded cabbage along with sesame oil and season with garlic and onion powder and of course salt and pepper to taste. I’ve done it with chicken too. People call it “crack slaw”!
  5. inge
    I don't think you should replace olive oil with avocado oil. Having said that, you do not cook with olive oil; you use it as a dressing. If you need to add oil before baking/frying, then you would use avocado oil. You destroy what's good in olive oil when you heat it.
    Btw, make sure that the olive oil you buy is organic. So much olive oil coming out of Italy that has been cut with inferior vegetable oils (latter can actually harm you). Btw, olive oil production/export is controlled in Italy by the Mafia.
    You can buy good olive oil from other countries. California also produces some fine organic olive oils.
  6. Linda
    Is Coconut butter keto?
  7. Blanca
    I've the same question as Linda, as MCT found in coconut products have to been used as fuel by our body as they come in, if we want to los our "own fuel stored" is better for the time we want to lose body fat eat other kind of fats rather than coconut? I think that if you're in a stabilised weight then you can use coconut products as fuel? Could be this plausible? Anyone knows?
  8. julie
    I use cream in my coffee and on strawberries is that ok . Fresh thickened cream?
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  9. Richard R
    Yes, by all means. I have heavy cream in my coffee everyday. It is good for you
  10. alan king
    use grass fed ,,the grass the cow eats contains omega threes ,,and most of us have an imbalanced omega 6 to omega 3 ratio ,,causing body inflammation
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  12. Mary Powell
    What is the best coconut cream to use in a sauce? And how much can i use daily?

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