1. Cindy C
    Individual results on blood sugar spikes.


    The study mentions the importance of fat to reduce spikes, although that too, was different among individuals.


  2. Janet
    BDA not at all happy about this, in fact, "alarmed" that a doctor would actually give dietary advice.
    Dieticians are the "only qualified professionals". They can't be serious?

    BDA alarmed by controversial and potentially dangerous advice in BBC’s ‘Doctor in the House’


  3. Lisa
    Add Hola unblocker, free, to Google Chrome to watch then seleck UK for your country.
  4. chris c
    I would have more respect for dieticians if they actually noticed that their dogma is not working - even on themselves, many are overweight. As things stand I have none whatsoever, I do not regard them as Healthcare Professionals as they have no care for health, only marketing. I suspect they are lining up Aseem Malhotra or Rangan Chatterjee for a show trial which they are confident they will win, unlike with Annika Dahlqvist. See also, Tim Noakes, Jennifer Elliott etc.

    On their watch we have obtained US levels of obesity, diabetes, etc. basically by importing the US dietary dogma, and they are PROUD of their achievements "Trust A Dietician" ha!

    Will be interesting to see how health improves in Sweden as the UK goes to hell in a handbasket.

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