Dr. Malhotra: The fight against dietary misinformation continues

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In a time of conflicting messages regarding what constitutes a healthy diet, it is hard to make a well-informed decision about what to eat.

Thankfully, Dr. Malhotra is here to guide us. In this great read he takes on the hotly debated topics of sugar, saturated fat, cholesterol-lowering drugs and modern medicine:

The history of public health advocacy has taught us that the science alone is not sufficient in improving population health and opposition from powerful vested interests needs to be overcome. But one thing is clear: that a diet free from processed food combined with regular activity, getting a good sleep, reducing stress and a strong sense of community could hold the secrets to a healthier and happier life.

Men’s Health: The fight against dietary misinformation continues…

Dr. Malhotra

  • Should you worry about high cholesterol?
  • "Lifestyle changes are much more powerful"
  • Diet, health and an epidemic of misinformation
  • Action on sugar
  • The Big Fat Fix
  • How to make your food a powerful medicine, not a slow poison


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