1. Alexandra M
    "Hundreds of comments already..."

    Yes, and many of them ranging from ignorant to just plain stupid. Get over there, knowledgeable myrmidons! I already put in my two cents a couple of times today. Fortunately there are a few people commenting against the tide.

    At least one person thinks the whole anti-sugar message is a conspiracy by the manufacturers of artificial sweeteners!

  2. Jay Wortman MD
    Looks like the paid shills for the sugar industry are out in force there, trying to obfuscate the issue. That's a good sign because it means they feel threatened by Lustig. Good!
  3. Thanks for the heads up Andreas. We will miss you at the Nutrition & Metabolism conference here in Denver this month. - Dr Jeff
  4. Love the good work that Dr. Lustig is doing. I have to disagree that the government has to step in though, we just need to educate people. The government's done enough damage already.
  5. Gehri G
    A couple of mistakes I noticed. In the cancer section he said all cells need glucose to survive. Also he talked about how evil fat is, even showing the McGovern commission, but didn't state that fat is in fact good for you.
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Jeff #3,
    You will not miss me. I'll be there. :)

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