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BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme just broadcasted an episode titled The Eatwell Guide where they discuss the current dietary guidelines. Dr. David Unwin and Dr. Aseem Malhotra, among others, are interviewed on what changes can be made and the benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet.

BBC Radio 4: The Eatwell Guide

Type 2 diabetes


The Nordic study of a low-carb diet for type 2 diabetes takes shape

“The score is 31 wins for low carb and a big fat 0 for low-fat”


Low-carb science


  1. Jude
    Excellent presentation, Prof. Levy might do well to take his head out of the sand and listen more closely to “a lot of noise” regarding the low carb diet. Fantastic news from the hospital chef. Could listen to Dr. Unwin and Dr. Malhotra for hours. Thank you again.
  2. Cheryll
    I agree but was dis-hearted by Prof. Levy's comments on the so called FAD diets and low carb 'noise' and that there is no science behind it! To the contrary Professor, there is lots, obviously not much as this type of research doesn't get big corporate funding, wonder why! Some of the biggest in this field are Jeff Volek and Steven Phinney. Saying that its a FAD '1863 William Banting' FAD! I mean has he not listened to the real Professor, Prof Tim Noakes' trial in Cape Town and yes his evidence is based on those so called non-robust studies! I mean to say 'it's important we have carbohydrates in our diet as it generates glucose for the brain' I was dun-founded, the Professor either has his head somewhere other than in the sand or wasn't listening when they studied fat metabolism.

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