“Don’t scapegoat Big Sugar. Lots of food producers profited from the demonization of fat”


Recently, there were big media headlines about the revelation that the sugar industry paid Harvard researchers in the 1960s to shift blame from sugar to fat.

But according to a new op-ed by Nina Teicholz, it is naive to believe that only Big Sugar played a role in this shift, since other food industries (such as corn syrup, wheat and vegetable oil producers) also capitalized tremendously on it:

LA Times: Don’t Scapegoat Big Sugar. Lots of Food Producers Profited from the Demonization of Fat

Producers from these industries also paid scientists, and the American consumption of these foods has increased even more than the sugar consumption.

The bad (and bought) nutrition science is not just about sugar.


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  1. Cindy C
    Article here on a new theory about how too much fructose(added sugar), creates a chain of events where the liver makes more glucose, and piling on more insulin is not able to stop the process.


  2. gbl
    Statins, which is the highest prescribed drug class in the world, and generally prescribed to persons with diabetes, can cause liver damage.

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