“My Doctor Urged Me to Take Statins”

David Diamond’s doctor told him to go on statins because of high cholesterol. But David wanted to make sure that he knew the science before starting the medication. He started reading, and quickly realized that what we think we know about cholesterol, heart disease and statins is not quite right.

With his new knowledge, he became highly interested in the field and was able to make vast improvements – without ever taking medications.

Watch a segment above (transcript). The full, longer video is available on our member site:

“My Doctor Urged Me to Take Statins!” – Dr. David Diamond

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  1. Nan
    My doctors have always pushed statins for my cholesterol, which is always a reflection of where my weight is. I just tell them I don't believe they are worth the risks. One of us will be wrong, but at least I haven't damaged my body further with chemicals of unknown effects. I really believe the story on cholesterol is far from finished.


  2. Lorraine
    I was put on statins 8 years ago as well as other drugs for diabetes. I have suffered from leg and muscle pain and cramps for the past 6 years and none of my doctors would tell me what was wrong with me. I wasted valuable hospital time by going for xrays and scans and every time the answer came back "I don't know what is wrong and what is causing all the pain" I had several experiences of my heart muscles feeling like they were failing but still no one would tell me why. My GP changed my Statins in January this year from one to another brand which made me feel worse straight away. That's when I realised the problem was the Statins. I was very weak and breathless and after 48 hours managed to get down to my Pharmacist to ask how I got off this dangerous drug. He told me to stop them instantly. It takes 14 hours for statins to go through your system but maybe a year to repair the damage they have caused. That was 8 weeks ago and after a very shaky start the leg pain has gone completely now. I have not had anymore cramps in my muscles and my heart hasn't felt like it's failing any more. I can drive again and also I can sit down again comfortably now when I couldn't 6 months ago. I can get out of bed again when before I had trouble sitting up and I was 65 before Christmas far too young to age that much yet. In fact the evening of my Birthday when I was supposed to be enjoying myself I lay in a reclining chair feeling my heart was failing again. I went over to the Low Carb High Fat diet immediately and have progressed at walking very well at least 3 miles a day and 100 times fitter than I have been for the past 10 years. Not only that I have not had indigestion once and my Blood Glucose levels have dropped down to almost non-diabetic and I have lost half a stone in weight. I have been dieting for 10 years and not lost a pound till I came off the statins. I have also found a lot of literature out there about the Cholesterol con and I thoroughly believe it all. I feel this drug was killing me.
  3. Pauline Chatterson
    Oh my goodness, about 3 weeks ago my doctor gave me a prescription for my first Statin tryout. The doctor said it was my liver producing too much Cholesterol but he never tested my liver. He just took the results from lab work I had done at his request. Everything else seems fine. So I asked him, how long I would have to be on them. He said forever. I also asked the pharmacist and he said I could never get off of them. The pharmacist told me some of the side effects and gave me a list . I had already paid for the pills, but right then and there i decided I would not take them. Thank God. I also had a brain tumor 6 years removed and I have been trying to get off of the pills. These doctors will do anything to get you addicted. At first (Keptra) the brain pill the doctor prescribed 6 a day. They are 500 mg each. I said no I would not take that many and would start at 2. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Well I took the 2 a day. My temperament changed and you could hardly talk to me without me snapping . I told my doctor and asked him what would of happened if I had taken the 6 a day. What happens to people was that some went out of their mind. Even committed murder. Jeepers all this because I had one seizure. So I know you are not supposed to go against your doctor but I have been taking only one a day. It has been working so far. All MRI reports have been good. What in the heck is wrong with doctors that they do not even test the area you need tested. My liver was never tested and that is why I am going to go on the Keto diet. Wish me luck.

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