“My Doctor Urged Me to Take Statins”

David Diamond’s doctor told him to go on statins because of high cholesterol. But David wanted to make sure that he knew the science before starting the medication. He started reading, and quickly realized that what we think we know about cholesterol, heart disease and statins is not quite right.

With his new knowledge, he became highly interested in the field and was able to make vast improvements – without ever taking medications.

Watch a segment above (transcript). The full, longer video is available on our member site:

“My Doctor Urged Me to Take Statins!” – Dr. David Diamond

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  1. Nan
    My doctors have always pushed statins for my cholesterol, which is always a reflection of where my weight is. I just tell them I don't believe they are worth the risks. One of us will be wrong, but at least I haven't damaged my body further with chemicals of unknown effects. I really believe the story on cholesterol is far from finished.


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