No more Doc

It’s time to say goodbye to Doc. When I started discussing the low-carb diet on the internet in 2005-2006 I called myself “Doc”. The moniker has stayed with me, even after I “came out” with a Q & A column under my own name on another Swedish low-carb forum in February of 2007, and then on my Swedish blog in December 2007.

Now the time has come to end the tradition of using “Doc” as my signature in the comments. It is passed its sell-by date and may be confusing for new readers. From now on I plan to answer only as Andreas Eenfeldt.

If you too are thinking about changing your own name when you comment – for example for an increased transparency and credibility  – I’m all for it.


  1. Frankie
    Wait...I'm confused now.. Are you saying that you are NOT a doctor ?
  2. smc
    I must confess that I never knew that the "Doc" whom I often saw in the comments was actually you.
  3. mary baechler
    But…you are listed at the top right of your home page as By Andreas Eenfeldt, MD. I'm with Frankie, we don't understand!

    Do you mean you are giving up the nick-name of Doc?

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  4. Pauline
    Oh, I thought you may be giving the bjog. If you're just changing your pen name, that's okay. I always had assuned "Doc" meant Dr. Eenfeldt. But, then who is Inger?
  5. Mathieu
    He is just saying that he will stop using "DOC" as a nickname online and will now use his real name instead.

    This does not mean that he is not a Medical Doctor anymore.

  6. Dan
    You can't fool me, Andreas. I've been on to your secret identity for years. Everybody? Listen:

    He's the BATMAN!


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  8. Butsch
    And still using "Doc" here ;-)
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  9. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yes. I'm only giving up using the signature of "Doc" in the comments, that's all.
  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    My bad. Wrong login. ;)
  11. Green sleeves
    Not safe to use your own name because Evelyn Carbsane will stalk you and call your family & workplace as she has with others. Terrifying when she tried to report ItsTheWooo to the nursing authority.
  12. Adrian
    Folks, He IS a doctor, he just gave up using the nick "Doc" to comment on the entries and now will be using his real name. That's all.

    At the bottom of the web, on the left, you can actually see his full name. It was not about hiding...

    Good change, by the way. Now it's clearer, I too had the confusion with that old nickname.

  13. Matt
    He is NOT saying he isn't really a doctor. He is saying that instead of using the nickname "Doc" he is going to start commenting under his own name.
  14. Marcy
    I wasn't confused before but only now am confused that anyone could be confused by the use of "Doc" in the comments!
  15. Emma
    For a moment I thought that you were announcing the end of this blog! Phew! Don't scare people like that! :)
  16. Jo tB
    Emma, my thoughts exactly. Phew, glad to hear Andreas isn't stopping his blog.
  17. mark
    Hi Andreas, i've learnt alot from your site. It is clear and simple, with little jargon. I've changed my eating patterns to lchf with good weight loss results (8kg over 8weeks). More importantly, i now eat a wider range of good food, have better concentration /focus, energy and less hunger.

    Thanks for sharing and to the others who share their experiences.

    Mark (Cape Town)

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