Do ketone supplements work? The big test, part 1

As the keto diet increases in popularity, we are seeing an explosion of keto-related products coming onto the market. Many people use exogenous ketone supplements to enhance their keto lifestyle, and the companies who sell them make many wide-ranging claims about their benefits for your health.

But what actually are these supplements? What are they made of, who is selling them, and do they carry the benefits we are told they do?

As with all health products, it is crucial to remain conscious as a consumer and not necessarily take marketing about benefit claims at face value. That is exactly what I decided to do when I enlisted the help of some of my fellow Diet Doctor team members to test some of the top brands of ketone salts on the market.

Watch the video above for the first part of our big ketone supplement test (transcript), where I look at the promises ketone manufacturers make and try to call them on the phone to discuss it. You also get a preview of our soon-to-be released findings.

Stay tuned, as I’ll be keeping you updated with the results of our big ketone supplement experiment here at Diet Doctor. There’ll be a follow up video where we show you just how we tested the supplements, as well as a full writeup of the experiment with our final verdict on just how beneficial exogenous ketone supplements might be for you.

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  1. Darag
    I look forward to hearing results from testing.

    In the meantime may I suggest that you look at your bias against network marketing companies. That can be as bad as the bias against LCHF.

    I'd question this piece: "One of the reasons for that is many of the companies operate under pyramid marketing structures which means that the products pass through many different people's hands and the product gets more and more expensive before it gets to the final consumer."

    A legitimate network marketing company does not have products passing through different people each adding on their profit margin. Usually it is factory/company direct to the consumer and a certain percentage gets divided up amongst people in the distributor team. This percentage is fixed for each company and can vary for example between 25-50%.

  2. John Reed
    Wake up people. It’s just the latest big buck wonder pill exploiting desperate dieters. Just eat real food.
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  3. Ana M.D
    Hi team, Great Job and thanks or making this video! Brilliant idea! Can't wait to see part II. This is very good piece of advice and in my opinion this video part I, II should be shared with anyone who is doing Keto or Low Carb Diet.

    I personally only use " Pure C8 MCT Oil, and If I am frank, I don't know if I get all the benefits as stated on the product label. The only difference I noticed that it supresses the hunger for 30/40 min, and then I need to do some physical activity, use my muscles, increase the hart rate, otherwise the appetite kicks in very quickly.

    I've started the diet 8 months, I was always slim before but I was addicted to sugar. I am 34, overall I put on weight 3 kg solid(difficult to loose it), I am trying to loose it, as I don't feel comfortable with it.
    My mental activities improved, I feel better and my hormones neutralised, everyone sees a difference. I struggle in the heat to eat fried/oily stuff, so when I am on holiday or at home in summer I do struggle to follow the diet fully, well if I do follow I don't really enjoy it. I think the point with Keto Diet is that we should enjoy what we eat?

    Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Teresa
    Thank you for testing these products! Can’t wait to see more!
  5. Jack
    They aren’t talking about direct sales or online sales. Pyramid companies have been around for decades and before internet, they were knocking on your door. So DD isn’t saying Pyramid = online. Perhaps the education finger is pointing in the wrong direction.

    Really enjoy the fact that you are questioning the claims of these ketone companies.
    The one concern that I have is that you seem to suggest that the companies that have a direct selling business model (you referred to them as pyramid schemes) - are less legit than the retail business model.
    Clearly you should educate yourself on the benefits of direct / online sales.
    Retail is dying and people that think retail is more legit - are clearly stuck in the past.

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  6. Jack
    I should emphasize They aren’t equating online sales to Pyramid sales. My response wasn’t clear. Pyramid sales are a particular way to sell where much pressure is put on the new ‘sales’ people to sell so that all of the people above them get a piece of that sale. If I recruited 100 people to sell a product, I would make a nice chunk of money off them. Then that 100 get a hundred and I make more and on and on. Imagine the people on the top. Sleeping in on their yacht!!!
  7. Eric
    Keep up the great work team Diet Doctor! Really appreciate this great content.
  8. Vanessa
    Not true. This is based on a false correlation. Online stores came onto the scene right at the same time as the recession and closure of malls that had oversaturated the market. This gave online shopping credence that it had not earned. Either way, this is a side argument and not relevant to the discussion. I only felt compelled to comment because the disparaging and negative remarks on your end are unhelpful and unecessary to everyone involved. Good day.
  9. Samantha Smith
    Online or community marketing, either way, I'm feeling the differeence!! Joint pain is reduced, my mood is up and I'm a better parent to my kids. (and I've lost over 20 lbs easy) After researching the science behind it, I am now giving it to my 16 and 18 year olds. (16 because he's had a concussion, and 18 yr old cuz he's looking to play soccer in college)

    I want to scream this stuff from the mountaintops!!! This ISN'T PhenFen or other cheezy diest... this is BIO-IDENTICAL!! It is the same thing made in the body, (assuming you get the right product) and your body uses it in a more efficient manner than glucose.

    I can't wait for the 2nd video to come out! There are so many studies on the benefits of exogenous ketones. Just look them up!!

    I like what Dagmarvelous said..."try the first exogenous ketones brought to market. They were created for the US Military." Can't go wrong there! Something like (which is a pretty cool call tag if I do say s myself!)

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  11. Charity
    When is part 2
  12. Jason
    Love this concept. Thanks for the unbiased format. Look forward to the results
  13. Nancy
    Kim, you are adorable and thank you for taking the initiative in looking into these supplements. I look forward to your results.
  14. Suzan
    So when you say real food what do you eat is it all keto?
  15. Jason
    When is Part 2 coming out? Hopefully email blast when it does. Thanks for the I sight. I'm usually very skeptical by nature of things in the health billion $ corporate world. Heard a podcast with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino and he was actually saying some of the positive benefits of exogenous ketones, and certain Companies that make decent ones. I know Diet Doctor site has interviewed him before, wondering if he is in Part 2?
  16. tracey maguire
    yes I agree with you Glenn - wish people would understand about network marketing companies and pyramid schemes - one is legitimate and just like franchises without front-end capital required and the other is illegal ...and then of course you have big Pharma.
  17. Joe
    WOW Diet Doctor, 2 months and we still waiting for the results, what is happening........?
  18. Kate Keyes
    Where is part 2? I was hoping for an update
  19. Laura
    Yes is the update out yet?
  20. Dutch
    I think that we can safely conclude that this is dead.
  21. Jennifer
    Pyramid schemes will always be crooked. Full stop. Although there has been some degree of movement away from community-based shopping to online shopping, there will not be a massive shift from retail. Don’t worry, it’s not dying per se. Models change. Pyramid schemes serve niche shopping.
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  23. Renaesclark
    Can I take keto vitals powder that has stevia extract as a ingredient during my two weeks challenge.
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  24. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor

    Can I take keto vitals powder that has stevia extract as a ingredient during my two weeks challenge.
    You may view our guide to sweeteners, specifically stevia here:

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