‘Disturbing’ rise in type 2 diabetes among children


Type 2 diabetes in children is on the rise in England, affecting children as young as five years old.

A sugar tax implemented last year was likely a step in the right direction. But the trend is so disturbing that council leaders say more needs to be done to overcome the problem.

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  1. John
    From the article:
    "Diabetes UK said there should be moves to reduce the sugar and saturated fat content in food."
    So, what are they going to eat then?
    High protein diets?
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  2. Dan
    I guess they'll continue to eat what their parents feed them. Probably very little change on the horizon.

    I'm very grateful to have learned so much from Andreas! Not only has this information saved me, but it also spared my children too!! Much love!

  3. robert
    No, that is not possible either.

    Because, "everybody knows that animal protein causes cancer".

    Well, at least if you're among the zealots following the China Study guy. So I guess, according to Murphy's Law, that must be the case for the ones determining the diet - causing maximal damage.

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